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Apr 30, 2010 05:48 PM

Whole Foods moving to Star Market space in Wellesley

Star market in Wellesley is closing June 1 and then there will be major renovations. Whole Foods will move into the space in 2011.All according to the Wellesley Townsman (local paper). WF parking will increse from 15 to 200 spaces.

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  1. Glad to hear that... I never go to the Wellesley WF because of that stupid parking lot. Although with the giant Dedham one so close [I'm in Needham], not sure how often I'll hit up even a better Wellesley store.

    1. It's about time! They have been talking of moving since they opened up--what a nightmare it has been re: parking. It will also allow them to have more items for sell--many holidays I would have to go to Newton Four Corners to get the best groceries in one stop.
      On the other hand, Star Market should have gone years ago! Roche Bros. killed them with their fresh produce. Also, it was a dingy and dirty store--I refuse to shop in a place that smelled of old meats and fish.

      Four Corners Restaurant
      130 Nauset St, New Bedford, MA 02746