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Apr 30, 2010 05:12 PM

Help with birthday dinner for 18 year old daughter

We will be bringing my daughter, her sister and two of their friends to New York for her 18th birthday. We are looking for a restaurant for a birthday dinner. My daughters aren't picky - the friends a little more so. I'm thinking maybe $35(ish) a person, although that isn't written in stone and we can go higher or definitely lower. Italian would be great, because it is something that almost everyone likes. Steak would also be good.

They don't want anything too stuffy or formal. Fun with good food will be the order of the evening.

We will be staying between 5th and 6th on 55th. Proximity to our apartment is a plus but definitely not necessary.

Thanks so much for help and suggestions!

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  1. Not in your vicinity but look into Piccolo Agnelo (I know I am not spelling that right) in the village. It's Italian and in the right price range and a fun NY-ish type of place. You could also look into a french bistro -- they'll have steak frites and a broader variety. Maybe Schillers or Pastis?

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      Thanks JMJD, I'll look into all of these!