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Apr 30, 2010 04:51 PM

Could this be my final line up for Rome? Excited.

Thank you so much all of you who have posted about Rome- whether to me recently or years ago to someone else, I have spent weeks now reading all the Rome boards religiously!

I think this is my final line up. I have to admit, I might just be looking for validation at this point, as I've deliberated more than a little, but I do want honest feedback.

SAT lunch(?) -  Armando al Pantheon (Might not make it to Rome in time for lunch, so this is an expendable option
SAT DINNER - Taverna dei Fiori Imperali

SUN LUNCH-  La Campana (going to eat fairly light- caprese and maybe share a fritti with my date)
SUN DINNER - Antico Arco  RESERVATIONS MADE (too early 8:30?)

MON LUNCH- Enoteca Cosi 
MON DINNER-Pizza Da Remo  

TUES DINNER- Colline Emilaine

WED LUNCH - Checcino dal 1887
WED DINNER - La Piazzetta

Another question- do any of these NOT need reservations? (Besides Pizza da Remo) At lunch are reservations as necessary as dinner?

Grazie Mille!

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  1. I don't think Enoteca Corsi takes reservations. You might be able to do without reservations for Tuesday lunch and on Wednesday, but it's just as well to give them a call a day or two before.

    You might consider switching lunch and dinner on Wednesday. You can make a light (and inexpensive) lunch of the appetizer and dessert tables at La Piazzetta, and dinner at Checchino costs no more than lunch.

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    1. re: zerlina

      never hurt to have a long list of plan B's. unexpected things happens and your appetite may or may not go as planned either.

      1. re: kyeblue

        good point, kyeblue, Ill have in my little rome moleskin a bunch of alternates plotted on my map.

    2. Zerlina is right about switching Piazzetta and Checchino (the correct spelling). I think 8.30 is late for Antico Arco. In my experience (not recent), if you get there at 8, you have attentive service, but as the restaurant fills up, they sort of lose it.

      1. If I should recommend a restaurant from my later trips to Rome it would be Tutti Frutti in Testaccio. Amazing food, great service and a real Italian experience.

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        1. re: jostber

          Thanks everyone! Wow, I never thought anyone would tell me to eat dinner earlier in Italy, but that is very good to know.

          1. re: sarahbeths

            Im not sure insalata caprese really a Roman dish. I would think you could get really good insalata mista at this time of year, tho.

            you seem to have days where you have two light choices and days when you have scheduled two potentially heavy meals - you may want to mix these up a bit.

            but I really envy you all your opportunities, and hope we hear how it went!

        2. Going down your list, the places I know:

          SAT lunch - Armando al Pantheon. Not expendable! I've eaten here often, last during Holy Week this year. Outstanding food and service. Everyone else and especially Rome's Chowhounders know this also, so reservations are essential. Look for my upcoming review on Chowhound.

          SUN LUNCH- La Campana. One of my favorites, I know it well. Don't expect much English here. And consider a full meal. I saw a lot of locals at Sunday dinner ("lunch" to you Yankees), so make reservations.

          MON LUNCH- Enoteca Cosi. Last here Wednesday, 31 March 2010. Food fine, service good. Jammed packed.

          TUES LUNCH- Da Cesare (VATICAN DAY). I ate here Easter Sunday dinner ("lunch" to you Yankee's). Despite being utterly crammed with people, esp. large Italian families, the service was good, the wine steward made a good recommendation, and the food quite good indeed. It's closer to Hadrian's Tomb than to San Pietro. Expensive.

          TUES DINNER- Colline Emilaine. Alas, haven't been in years.

          WED LUNCH - Checcino dal 1887 One of the best in Rome. Outstanding wine selections. I'd do supper here rather than dinner. And if your adventurous, try the tripe.