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which are best as summer fast approaches

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  1. Let me pass this along to you Mark, even if you don't stop by Red's Eats in Wiscasset, Maine ... the pictures will serve to indulge the lobster roll cravings & desires building inside you.


    Red's Eats
    Main, Wiscasset, ME 04578

    1. This is a well-travelled and sometimes contentious topic. Search the "General New England Archive" for at least twenty threads with this info.

      Keep in mind that it is still early and many seasonal shacks are not open yet and/or will have limited hours (e.g. weekends only) until well into June.

      1. Just revisited the lobster roll at Sarah's in WIscasset, the restaurant across the street from Red's Eats. I love Sarah's toasted home-made hotdoggish roll, the fact that they season the lobster meat with just the right amount of mayo and it's a good deal for $15.

        Red's Eats
        Main, Wiscasset, ME 04578

        1. In the Lowell/chelmsford area - fantastic lob roll at Glenview

          but if in NH, I love in Tilton, Dipsy Doodle (just off Rt 93)

          Further north - Lakes Region in Center Harbor, NH - across from Lake Winny is Sam&Rosie's

          1. Skip all these recommendations and go directly to Neptune Oyster in Boston/North End. Ive been seeking out the best lobster roll for quite some time and the search is over. I am so tired of people recommended a lobster roll when its doctored up with with celery and lettuce and served on a friggin hot dog roll...no thanks

            Go there, you have your choice of hot w/butter or cold with light dressing of mayo only on a buttery brioche roll.

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              but this is on the Northern New England board not Boston - have you tried some of the others mentioned??

            2. Here's a picture I took of the best lobster roll dinner I've had so far this season, served with fresh fiddleheads.
              Where did it come from? Me own kitchen! (plus lobsters from Mosher's in Farmington)

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                That looks pretty darn yummy...what wine are you drinking?

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                  The wine is a french rose, Domaine d Poujouls.

                  The beer bottle next to my plate is a Gritty's Vacationland summer ale!

                  The filddleheads were $3 per pound from a girl on the side of the road in Wilton.

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                  whats to the left of the beer bottle??? PS....love fiddleheads

                3. Falmouth Sea Grill - Falmouth,me.
                  Reds in Wiscasset.

                  Falmouth Sea Grill
                  215 Foreside Rd, Falmouth, ME 04105

                  1. I'm waiting for Beach Plum on Ocean Blvd. in Hampton. The lobster roll was so big, I couldn't finish it, and a deal for about $15.

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                      If it was that big and that cheap it makes me suspicious...

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                          Yum. Of course I'm biased against NH lobster rolls :)

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                            Tam, your suspicions are warranted. You will find no lobsters at the Beach Plum. They use pre-cooked lobster meat from one of the area food purveyors.
                            Not my idea of a "fresh" lobster roll. Beware of the "good deal" lol.

                    2. I would second the Falmouth Sea Grill. Have not had a lobster roll there, but the food is great. I however, would stay away from Reds in Wiscasset, over priced. The key to a great lobster roll, is crispy roll, toasted with real! butter (many use the fake stuff) and light mayo with fresh picked lobster meat (many buy frozen lobster meat). If it wasn't picked that day, its not going to be the best. I would recommend the Broad Arrow Tavern in Freeport and Dolphin Marina and Restaurant at the end of Harpswell. I know both places get there lobsters fresh everyday. Enjoy!

                      Dolphin Marina and Restaurant
                      515 Basin Point Rd, Harpswell, ME 04079

                      Broad Arrow Tavern
                      162 Main Street, Freeport, ME

                      Falmouth Sea Grill
                      215 Foreside Rd, Falmouth, ME 04105