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Apr 30, 2010 04:41 PM

Where can one get grass-fed beef?

Other posts have been discussing grass-fed versus corn-fed beef. I was wondering if it is possible to obtain grass-fed beef in the USA (specifically, San Diego) and, if so, where. The Omnivore's Dilemma discusses a farm producing it but you have to go there to get it!

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  1. of course you can buy it! i don't know if you're looking for whole cuts or ground, but Whole Foods Market and Home Grown Meats - both in La Jolla - are your best bets.

      1. I just saw grass fed beef at Henry's in Solana Beach today. I noticed both grass fed ground beef and short ribs in the case. I was in a rush so I didn't check out the details on the package or the beef's origins, but could be promising.

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          oh, right! i saw that in the specials flyer the other day - i think they also had packs of 85% lean grass-fed ground beef for something like $3.99/lb.

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            The only problem with the grass fed at Henry's is the long distance it travels to San Diego. I'm pretty sure it is from New Zealand. If you are of the mind for grass fed I think you may also want to keep it as local as possible. I would direct you to Home Grown Meats in the village of La Jolla. It is raised locally on Mount Palomar by local people. You do pay a premium, but for local, sustainable - it is the way to go.

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              Home Grown Meats is as expensive (sometimes slightly less) as Whole Foods, but not more expensive. The advantage is the meat is from San Diego, whereas Whole Foods gets their meat from Humboldt County.

              I had a meat counter rep at Whole Foods try to sell me on "local" beef, and when he mentioned Humboldt, I almost laughed out loud. How is Humboldt "local"? Some parts of Arizona are closer to us than that, but no one would say AZ is "local".

              So go to Home Grown Meats instead.

              1. re: ekomega

                Ummm...I think that is pretty much what my post said. Home Grown is local. I never mentioned a price comparison to Whole Foods, DID NOT say it was more expensive than WF, and my reference to paying a premium would be in comparison to the price of the New Zealand beef at Henry's.

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                  Homegrown is hit or miss, I've found. You have to carefully ask what you're buying there. Some of their beef is grain-fed, and only a small amount of it is 100% grass-fed. Humboldt may not be Palomar, but it's certainly more local than Colorado or Idaho. Given the paucity of choices for grass-fed, I'll take Humboldt if that's what I can get.

                  1. re: Josh

                    Interesting. Though I have noted some different sources, I don't eat enough meat to really ask Home Grown all those questions. Thanks Josh.

                  2. re: ekomega

                    The Henry's in Poway recently had some grass-fed beef from Pacific Pastures. They're up in Humboldt and their website says the LJ Whole Foods is one of their sellers. The label claims 100% Natural Grass Fed Beef, but there isn't much info on the website itself.

              2. I'd give strong consideration to bison over beef. It's all grassfed and tastes more like meat anyway. Call ahead to Whole Foods to see what/if they have it fresh that day.

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                  bison is also available in the butcher shop at Cowboy Star

                2. see if you can get some from Burger Lounge - they have the best for ground beef.

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                    You can get Tallgrass Beef at Bristol Farms:

                    8510 Genesee Avenue
                    San Diego, CA 92122
                    Phone: 858-558-4180

                    Burger Lounge uses Tallgrass Beef as their supplier:

                    Tallgrass Beef: