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Apr 30, 2010 03:49 PM

Portos Cake suggestions

I am ordering a cake for a retirement party for 25 people from Portos but have no idea what I should order.

BTW I do not like the red velvet from Porto's because it's too sweet for me.

Can I get suggestions please from someone who recently ordered a cake from them?


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  1. I like their tres leches cake. Super moist, yet light and scrumptious.
    I also like their white cake with custard and fresh strawberries, too.

    1. I love their tiramisu and their mango mousse.

      1. I've recently purchased and enjoyed the Parisian chocolate (chocolate, but not too sweet) and their fruit tart.

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          Second the Parisian -- it's my favorite. We also like the red velvet (which I know you don't want) and the mocha cake with bavarian cream filling.

        2. Ready-made or "decorated"? (See their web page.) If the latter, do you have time to go in to pre-order in person? If you do you can sample the cakes! We ordered a 50-person cake last year, white cake with fresh strawberries and butter cream frosting. Very classic, very elegant and pure flavors. Was delicious and huge huge hit.

          As for ready-made, the tres leches is amazing (it's my second favorite cake flavor on the planet after tiramisu), but personally I don't recommend it for a party of 25 people. It's not very aesthetically pleasing (especially being in a tin and all), plus I wouldn't be surprised if you got some complainers. Some people just find tres leches to be too rich or don't like the consistency. Yes, those people are certifiably insane, but I still think it's going out on a limb a bit too much for 25 people. I'd stick with something more traditional.

          All that aside, our family's favorite Porto's cake is the mango mousse, but you have to be really careful to keep it refrigerated. I've seen slices of it melt completely!

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          1. re: QualityMart

            Quality Mart. Good point. It will be decorated and your suggestion of cake is what I have decide to go with. So many folks are picky and think the strawberry with buttercream will make everyone happy.

            Thanks EVERYONE for your ideas. It would be torture to have to go down there and sample through all their cakes and have to make a decision PLUS (as long as I was there anyway...) take home a large variety of breads, cheese rolls all all their assorted offerings. ;)

            I can't wait. My retirement party at Brents AND a Portos cake. Does it get any better?
            Now I need another job....HA!

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              My last visit to Porto's included a mango mousse meltdown as well. But this was due to the counter person loading some of our refrigerator case items with our hot order items - genius. Note to self IF returning to Porto's: keep an eye on your order while it's being bagged.

            2. I got the mango mousse also and it was a big hit. I've had the chocolate mousse and italian cheesecake and both were a hit. The italian cheesecake is pre-order though.