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Apr 30, 2010 03:48 PM

Star and Shamrock

So has anyone tried the new Jewish deli/Irish Bar? Very interested in knowing if it's the real deal (aka NY style pastrami, good rye bread, quality ,matzo ball soup, delicious chopped liver etc).

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  1. The early reviews from the bloggers haven't been good. A buddy of mine lives near it and really loves the Pastrami sandwiches and thinks the bloggers are wrong.

    looks like it's time to do some investigation!

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      Not sure what bloggers those are. The ones I've seen apparently liked it a great deal. Interesting twist on bar food, freshly prepared in-house. Yes, the real deal. Set up to cater to families in the early evening and converting to bar scene as the evening goes on so it's already becoming a local pub/deli hangout.
      The City Paper's Y&H listed it this morning as their most popular review last week and it was a very favorable one, with the exception of a limited selection of beers. No idea whether that will change as the place gets it sea legs. Only open a few weeks after all.