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Any good Kosher Cooking websites?

Does anyone know of any good Kosher or regular websites out there that have great recipes and maybe offer videos too?

I am even willing to look at paid subscription sites too if the recipes are amazing. If so, what do you like about them or dislike?

Thanks Fellow Foodies :-)!

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  1. Have you tried Gourmet Kosher Cooking: http://www.gourmetkoshercooking.com/? Or there is always the Jewish food mailing list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jewish-....


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        I used to love visiting the jewish food mailing list, but its really hard to sift thru, and it takes me too long to look through recipes.

      2. Even though I keep kosher, I certainly don't limit myself to kosher websites for recipes, just as I don't limit myself to kosher cookbooks or magazines, but two that I do look at and enjoy are: http://www.couldntbeparve.com (almost exclusively desserts) and http://www.baronesstapuzina.com (at least, I think this is a kosher one, but I won't swear to it; it's definitely from Israel, anyway).

        There's one more site I would recommend, though it does not precisely fulfill the request of the OP. I mention it, though, for anyone else reading this who might be interested. I find many interesting recipes from a site called "Got No Milk." (http://gotnomilk.wordpress.com). Since the recipes are dairy-free, there are often recipes that turn out to be kosher, though there is no guarantee that the meat called for is always kosher, or that other ingredients are always available with hashgacha. One of my new favorite recipes is from there, and not only was it kosher, but even Pesachdik! (Balsamic Chicken with Pears and Cherries, in case anyone cares.)

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          Hi Queenscook,

          Thanks for recommending my site. Yes, I do keep kosher.


          aka Baroness Tapuzina

          1. The 'kosher section' of epicurious is totally useless. It's just the collected recipes that they've featured for Pesach, Chanuka, or Rosh Hashana over the years (324 in total), rather than all of the recipes on their website that are inherently kosher or are easily adaptable.

            Of course, that means that the usual caveats about 'kosher' recipes in general publications apply. The first recipe that I clicked on after doing a search for kosher recipes is 'Catalan-Style Fresh Sardine Escabeche,' from April 2009 (presumably as part of a Passover feature). It calls for matzoh meal rather than flour, but also for sherry vinegar, which one can't find kosher at all as far as I know, plus pimenton dolce, which I highly doubt you'll be able to find kosher for Passover.

            All that said, I use epicurious all the time, just ignoring those recipes that I can't make kosher, or adapting if possible. I've never felt the need for a particularly kosher-focused recipe source, although I find these boards invaluable for finding ingredients, tips, and suggestions.

            1. As a kosher vegan I suggest you check out some of the better vegan sites. Nava Atlas and Bryanna Grogan come up with amazing recipes. Their vegan recipes (Bryannas are all vegan, some of Nava's older recipes are vegetarian), are all kosher friendly, since no animal ingredients of any kind are used. Nava's page is accessible here:http://vegkitchen.com/
              Right now Bryanna's page is being updated and her blog features a non-certified meat substitute. It would be worth your while to google her and check back. Her recipes are amazing and cover everything from holidays (including many Jewish Holidays) to simple began style corn bread. Using recipes from her vegan Italian cookbook, Nonna's Kitchen makes my Shabbat lunches something special.

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                  Thanks for the recommendation Southern Belle. I try to add new pages, recipes, and menus often. Kosher Thanksgiving ideas are in the works.

                  1. I love The Kosher Tomato, http://www.thekoshertomato.com/. Her pictures are gorgeous and the recipes are delicious.

                    1. The following web site is so old that it consists of archived recipes from the days of news group posting: http://www.cyber-kitchen.com/rfcj/ I still head there first when I need a recipe.

                      rfcj is the initials for rec.food.cuisine.jewish All the recipes are kosher, but, as in all collections, consult your local authority on "halakha" (e.g. the Pesach collection incudes both Sephardic and Ashkenazi recipes).

                      The stories associated with many of the recipes are nice bonuses.

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                        there is a great cooking board at http://imamother.com/forum/portal.php. they have great recipes and discussions, i found it by accident when looking for a great challah recipe and it even had no eggs so my highly allergic neice and nephew could eat it!!! lately i have also gotten into http://joyof.kosher.com/ and have posted a few of my own recipes there as well. i am also a huge fan of http://www.epicurious.com/ and http://allrecipes.com/, sometimes i need to figure out how to substitute but often they have items listed as non-dairy, or pareve etc. good luck.

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                          levanacooks.com has some good recipes.

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                            Shameless plug - but check out my site - http://thekoshergastronome.wordpress....
                            it's pretty awesome, and it will make you happy

                      2. Roman Gershuni,

                        russian Israeli - outstanding, great food, full of humor presentation. oriented for greater russian market, so doesn't look frum on the surface , BUT in fact strives to use only Kosher products and pactices.


                        Downside - it is in russian ;-(, so watch together with that nice russian Jewish man you use to had for Shabbos or ask your russian speaking coworker to translate.
                        great way to bring in unaffiliated and ease into kosher discussion (kiruv.com


                        .. and don't forget to invite me to your next BBQ or sushi simcha (I'll translate some of Gershuni for food ;-), especially Sephardi one
                        Av Smachot,
                        Al Yosef