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Apr 30, 2010 03:13 PM

Needs recs for 4 nights in London near Vauxhall

I'm looking for a few things -
Excellent fish and chips
Indian food (will head to the famous brick lane, I suppose!)
A classy pub to hit up near Vauxhall
A good date place - italian food would be a plus!

Any recommendations?

Price is important, so please try to pick places that are on a modest budget :)

Btw - a NYC beer is about $6-8, how much is a London pint?

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  1. You'll find that use of the search facility for fish & chips will bring up the most recent recommendations.

    And a search on Brick Lane should convince you that this isnt where you want to go.

    1. Let's have a go...
      F&C - what Harters said.
      Indian - well, if you're going to be near Brick lane, try Needoo in nearby Whitechapel. Again, have a quick search of this forum. However, Hot Stuff, near Vauxhall, is a great little spot. Seriously unprepossessing location, but great Indian/Swahili food. And they're lovely people too.
      Classy pub near Vauxhall - try the Canton Arms, the Fentiman Arms, or if it's sunny, have a bottle of Cotes de Provence rose from the Prince of Wales in Cleaver Square, take one of their boules sets and play a game. A really special little hidey-hole, that one.
      A london pint can be anything from about £2.80 to £5, depending on the swankiness of the joint. None of the places mentioned above are too overpriced.
      As for a date place - give a few more criteria (e.g. food/location/ambience), and I'm sure you'll be swamped with suggestions ;)

      1. Hot Stuff In Vauxhall is very good if you are looking for some really good spicy food. We went here without booking (do book in advance!) and they didnt have enough room so they talked to the land lady of the pub next door & we sat in there & they brought the food to us!

        This place is also very good in Vauxhall, its Eritrean and you eat all the food with this lovely flat bread. Id order the special platter, it will feed two people till busting, plus you get a glass of house wine free too

        Both of these places are good & very cheap for London. Also, look through Time Out Cheap eats London online as this is my bible to find good & cheap places to eat in the city.

        Do not go to Brick lane other than to have a wander along, the food is very much not a good example of Indian cooking and is a total tourist trap & not worth eating there. If you do want to visit, go during the day on a Sunday as they have a great market there with lots of yummy food stalls!

        1. Finally, a thread on my corner of London!

          Master's Superfish, which by general agreement is one of the best F&C places in London, is a short bus ride (or a moderate, not-particularly scenic walk) from Vauxhall. At a pinch, Windmill Fish bar in nearby Kennington isn't toooo bad (albeit with zero atmosphere, it's more a takeaway.)

          Classy pub and Vauxhall don't always go together (as you'll see if you walk past the pubs by the station!) – but I strongly second Bodessa's suggestion of Prince of Wales in Kennington for a drink. As a visitor you'll find it a perfect "traditional British pub". Canton Arms is also good for food and has a good range of British "flat, warm beers."

          While you're there, also worth taking a walk around South Lambeth Road, there is a huge Portuguese community and lots of Portuguese cafes.

          For a slightly-more-expensive date place, depending on where you are in Vauxhall it may be worth checking out Touluse-Lautrec Wine bar. It's a wonderful atmospheric French place with pretty good food and a lovely wine bar up the top. If you really want Italian, there's a resaurant in Kennington called Amici, run by some Iranians. I've not eaten there since they moved to a better place (pretty average beforehand) so can't comment on the food. However if you're going during daylight hours, it has a lovely quaint and quiet terrace area which just feels so far removed from the city around it, I imagine it would be a nice peaceful place for a glass of wine.

          For an "experience" place that's really quirky and completely pot-luck as to what you'll get, book a table at the Bonnington cafe in Vauxhall. It's an alternative vegan cafe that's operated by a different chef every night. You're unlikely to get Michelin star food, but it's very personal, good fun and cheap, and really has a great, friendly vibe about it.

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            Toulouse-Lautrec looks right up my street, and isn't too far away. Thanks for the tip.