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Apr 30, 2010 01:41 PM

Bachi Burger

There is a self-imposed rule to visit any new place twice before making a post, but Bachi Burger (470 East Windmill) created such a favorable first impression that there is no hesitation. This is the inspiration of Lorin Watada, who served as a corporate chef for Roy’s before branching out. Bachi is short for “hibachi”, so the focus is on grilled burgers (Angus or American Wagyu), with a lot of Pacific Rim/Asian influences. But also some other interesting options, like Peking Duck, Short Rib and Pork Belly steamed buns; a variety of salads and appetizers; some really intriguing desserts (Macadamia Nut Toffee Cake with White Chocolate Yuzu Gelato, Port Wine Cherry Glazed Pop Tart, Mandarin Orange Cream Float, etc.); and a host of boba tea’s and milk shakes.

Because it was hard to narrow the focus a server’s recommendation of “Kiki’s Burger”, with sautéed shiitake & eryngii mushrooms, caramelized bacon, sweet onion marmalade and gruyere, on a Hawaiian sweet bun, was the call, and it worked – the ingredients were fresh and well-balanced, creating a lot of flavors and textures. On the side, sweet potato fries with kaffir lime sea salt, and a yuzu citrus aioli. Also well-executed (why do fries taste better when served from a cone?). From the creativeness of the menu, to the quality of the service, it appears as though a lot of thought has gone into this. Opening off the Strip in the 2010 Las Vegas economy is challenging, but they may have what it takes (note that the burger was $7.50 for five ounces, which is an extremely good value for that kind of quality).

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  1. Thanks for the review. This will effectively negate any calories burned at the Pilates + Yoga studio in the same complex. Oh, and R.I.P. Dunkin Donuts on Windmill. :(

    1. Stopped by tonight for dinner - definitely need to improve on the service, but the food ? It's a winner !! Can someone tell me why they opted for Windmill ?!?

      1. I agree. Bachi Burger is the best new spin on the classic burger I've ever seen!

        Prices are fair and the food in endlessly inventive. Only down-side is that the restaurant is in an odd location. But if you wait long enough, it'll become a franchise and there'll be one in your neighborhood.

        Burger Bar is good but it's not in the same league of inventiveness as Bachi Burger.

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          So I hit up Bachi Burger on the way home from work tonite. They are open till 2am every night (yes!) and it's great to have another good dining choice in the neighborhood that's open quite late. (If any of you have been over to Sushi-Mon after midnight, that place is -packed- every night!)

          My server was Lance, and he was quite memorable. He was efficient and very friendly, but seemed a bit overwhelmed/nervous. Perhaps because I was a lone woman diner, he felt bad for me all by myself, and was chatty in a good way. Lance, take a deep breath hon..You've been open for all of 24 days, and once you get a bit more relaxed and confident, you will be a great server!

          The food was -wonderful-! I got the Kiki's burger, and it was really really tasty. I'm a onion and mushroom addict, and it was right up my alley. The meat was juicy and had good flavor. After eating it halfway gone, it dawned on me I should have asked if they can/would cook the meat medium, instead of well done. But, even with that, it was still delicious.

          I got the standard french fries with the pinapple-tomato ketchup. Nice and thin, crispy and hot, so I was a happy lady. That ketchup tho!!?? Put it on dirt and i'd eat that happily! SO addictive it was.

          They serve many types of boba, but I was thrilled to find they serve mughi-cha iced tea. I think this is the first place in Vegas that actually makes it, and perhaps that alone made me in such a good mood, it made the rest of my meal stellar.

          Go, go go if you are in the neighborhood. NOW! Before it's always packed and you can't even get a table.. I'm taking my hubby there this weekend.

          1. re: Honeychan

            Took my hubby to Bachi Burger on Sunday. He ordered the standard burger, with bacon and cheese, and I got the pork belly bao sandwiches.

            Wow, I loved the almost creamy pork belly,in a tasty hoisin .sauce But the portion was -very- small, almost snack-sized to me. I was still hungry after finishing them, so I ordered their Portugese donuts (aka malasadas) which were hot, and with a cinnamon-sugar coating. Delicious!

            The #1 issue is I think on the chef-side of things. They take too long IMHO to get food out. I hope this changes as they get more efficient and familiar with their menu.

            The staff is still friendly and attentive, no issues with them at all.

            We went for lunch on Monday, and they were -PACKED-. This is a good sign!

        2. Thanks for posting this! I'm live close to Batchi, and have been tempted to give it try. Kiki's burger sounds very very good, i'll definately give that one a try.

          Anyone try Match on Silverado Ranch yet?

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            I haven't tried Match yet, but I found a discount for you:


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              The link just goes to the generic "question of the day" page at LVA.

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                Oops, sorry. Here is the corrected link for a discounted gift certificate for Match:


          2. I saw this place being built and meant to get over before, but didn't manage it until now. The place was excellent.

            For starters we had the garlic and pepper edamame, which weren't half bad. A little spicy, and perhaps a bit oily for me.

            We ordered the Kiki's burger, as well as the steamed peking duck sandwich. For the kids, we ordered the grilled cheese. The grilled cheese was excellent. A good mixture of rich melty cheese with the crustiness of the panini.

            The burger was excellent as well, very well seasoned and perfectly cooked. It had a rich buttery bun, and the earthiness of the mushrooms played well off the bun and the marmalade. It was a very good size burger as well.

            The steamed bun with the peking duck was very good as well. The bread was delicate, but not falling apart. The duck was nicely fatty without being greasy and cooked very well. The peking duck sauce was good, and nicely traditional, especially when you combined with the egg and the salad greens. A little smaller on the portion size, but perfectly adequate.

            The fries were crispier than normal, but very good. We ordered the regular fries with the pineapple ketchup. It was a nice surprise as it looked like regular ketchup, but had a strong pineapple taste. Very nice and worked well.

            They had a nice selection of boba, and custom sodas, which we didn't try but will look at for next time.

            Total for our meal, including tip was under $40. For the quality, a very good value.

            I must quibble that our server was not excellent, and in addition to being somewhat standoffish, let the service lapse somewhat. It was like they didn't quite have everything down yet. i saw a few misdeliveries of orders as well. The other servers were friendly and helped out, and there were no major flaws. It may have been that they were just overly busy, as I understand that recent articles, as well as a visit by Rick Noonen, have boosted the profile of this restaurant.

            The owner was very friendly, and made for a great dinner. I especially liked his house made pickles.

            As we live within walking distance I will be back again sooner rather than later.

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            1. re: inqydesu

              Can you give me an idea what neighborhood this is in? I want to try it, but I've never even HEARD of Windmill st.....

              1. re: janetofreno

                It's in the south. Blue Diamond becomes Windmill, east of Las Vegas Boulevard. Bachi is a couple of miles east of LVB on Windmill. It's a bit out of the way for me so I haven't gone yet, but I plan to.

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                  If you're driving on the I-15, soing south, exit Blue Diamond Rd, and make a left. At LVB, it then becomes Windmill. It's about 2 miles down the road, on the left-hand side, I believe the cross-street is Bermuda.

                  Totally worth the trip!