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Apr 30, 2010 01:02 PM

Overnight stay at the Trop A.C.

Staying over night this Sunday., I have two restos in mind, but am undecided which one to choose. The two I have in mind are "IL Verdi" and "Palm" If anyone has another favorite in the Quarter please let me know. Thanks all......

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  1. Barb - I know I may take a little heat for this one, but I really like Carmine's especially if you are going with a good sized group. As for steak however, you can't go wrong with the Palm. Have fun and good luck.

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      I would recommend Girasole if you want to get out of the Casino for what I feel is a better meal than Palm or Carmines. It is walking distance from Trop also. I've never eaten at IL Verdi, so I can't speak for it. Girasole Website is .
      The service was very good and I was there for a party and we did family style apps which were all excellent. They had grilled Langoustine as a special when I was there which I had for my entree. They were simply prepared, but were cooked perfectly and were delicious.

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        I don't disagree with hcentro. Girasole is a very good restaurant (although its been years since I last ate there). I had assumed by Barb's post that she was looking to stay in the Quarter. If this is incorrect then my bad.

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        I'll echo bgut1.

        We've enjoyed Carmines (both NYC locations and AC) especially with a group. Palm, always a very good steak and have been to the Trop location a couple of times. Enjoy the vodka at Red Square but avoid the food - unless you've already enjoyed the vodka! : )

        Another nearby alternative (offsite) would be Dock's for seafood.

      3. Just adding in, but in the Quarter, I like to have appetizers at Cuba Libre. Only appetizers because the main dishes did nothing for me and were served with huge dollops of mashed on the plate. I would have to be on my elipitical an extra hour to burn that pound of potatoes off. ha ha :)

        I really always liked the Palm! Never had a bad meal there. Nice fat juicy steak!

        Have a great time!!

        1. I really like the Palm restaurant but we are also fans of Ruth Chris and we usually just walk over there for dinner when staying at the Trop.