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Apr 30, 2010 10:50 AM

Italian near E/W Norriton/Norristown if possible but flexable

I have been craving good Italiann food (especially pasta) and would love to find a nice-ish (but not too fancy) place for an upcomming birthday dinner. I would prefer it to be closer to the East/West Norriton/ Norristown area, but am willing to go into the city if needed. A bar is not needed, I rarely drink and is is MY big day so what I say goes <g>
Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give me!

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  1. Ambler has From the Boot, which I have heard really good things about from AmblerGirl. I believe it is BYO. Hopefully she'll hop in and tell you more, or search this board for the resto name. :)

    From The Boot
    110 East Butler Avenue
    Ambler, PA 19002-4426
    (215) 646-0123

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      Mmm sounds yummy! Thanks!

      Any other ideas?

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        Oh, in Blue Bell at the intersection of Skippack Pike and Pennlyn Blue Bell Pike a new Italian place I've heard good things about... Domenico's. it's been open since November: http://domenicosbluebell.com/
        All the other places I know of (Michael's, Dolce Luna) are quick pizza and pasta joints. I've heard Domincos is beautiful inside. :)

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          Thanks but your first suggestion ws much better IMO.

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            no worries, haven't been to either, just heard good things. Enjoy your day! :)

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              Hopping in :) I do love From the Boot, good italian food, laid back atmosphere, great service. I love their eggplant rollatini, they also have really good meatballs. Very reasonable prices. They serve gelato from Toto's which is my absolute favorite (or you could take a post dinner stroll for some gelato at Toto's or a cappucino at Cafe Maida).

              They do get crowded on weekends so if you have a large party remember to call ahead. Also, I know they applied for their liquor license and I'm not sure if they got it yet so they may be BYO. The tomes I was there they gave out wine at the bar to those waiting for a table.

              Does anyone know what happened to La Vita Bella in Norristown (near East/West Norriston)? They used to be good but I heard that they may have gone downhill which would be a shame because I did like that place....

      2. Haven't been there yet, but heard Domenico's is a little pricey. From The Boot is on my list of places to get to soon. Heard food, service and value are all very good

        1. For good pasta try Gino's on Main Street (Ridge Pike) in Jeffersonville. It's about a half-mile west of the VW/Volvo dealer. We get two meals out of the pasta dishes.


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          1. I'll 2nd From the Boot. For the price it can't be beat.

            A place I haven't been in about 18 months but enjoyed is La Dolce Vita in Bridgeport. It may seem a little wierd but a few years ago it was purchased from the original owners by a husband and wife, I think he's Irish and she's Mexican. She worked there under the old owners. They have a full menu of classic Italian dishes and they also offer some Mexican dishes. I keep meaning to get back there but just haven't been.


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              La Dolce Vita! Thats it! I called it La Bella Vita above. I loved that place but have not been back for a few years... I hope it is doing well, it was a really nice couple that bought it and the food was good....

              Bella Vita Cafe
              S Freehold Shopping Ctr, Freehold, NJ 07728

            2. I had some very good Italian at Osteria in Evansburg, if that is not too far. It is where the old E-Burg in was. Pasta with crabmeat in an olive-oul garlic sauce was very nice, and most dishes are around $12-13.

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                Tuesday night is mussel night at Osteria. If you're anywhere close to a mussels fan you won't be disappointed. Love this place, great service. The puttanesca is my go-to.