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Apr 30, 2010 10:36 AM

Where can I get the (relatively) best frozen Jamaican patties?

I know, there are lots of debates about the best Jamaican patties. But I am looking for the best Jamaican patties that I can get FROZEN, so I don't have to take the subway for two hours every time I want one.

Any suggestions? Are there any grocers / restaurants that sells good frozen Jamaican patties?


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  1. I go to Tower Isles off Atlantic in Brooklyn but that is a haul by subway from Manhattan. They also sell to Supermarkets. Stop and Shop on Long Island has boxes of 12 but I don't know if there are any S&S markets in Manhattan. Ask your local larger supermarket (Fairway, Wholefood) to stock the item.

    1. There is a Chinese woman that makes excellent Jamaican patties.

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        I was just looking at the pricing on that site. I just can't imagine paying 105 dollars for a dozen patties.