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Apr 30, 2010 10:19 AM

A note about parchment paper

Parchment paper is one of the greatest inventions since canned beer. It's great to cook with and bake with--nothing sticks to it. Most supermarkets sell parchment paper--but the stuff they sell is way overpriced and under-performs.

The parchment paper I buy comes in a very simple brown and green box. The brand name on this stuff is not at all apparent; it might be "Beyond Gourmet". The brand, if that is what it is, is much less obvious (and in smaller type) than the description on the box, which is "Unbleached Parchment paper." I pay around $4 or so for a box that's 71 square feet, which is way less expensive than Reynolds or some other nationally-known brand.

In the Northeast, Stop & Shop carries this stuff, perhaps in the "natural foods" aisle. I've noticed that some stores specializing in cooking "stuff"--equipment, spices, etc.--also carry this stuff.

It is the best parchment paper I've ever used. The box notes that this stuff is made in Sweden.

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  1. JB Prince, the best cookware store in the universe, will sell you a life-time supply of the best parchment paper, if you have the room for storage.

    1. My favorite parchment comes in flat sheets rather than a roll. so much easier to work with. I get mine from King Arthus, but I am not wedded to a brand, just flat v. rolls.

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        I can't remember where I read this, but GFS apparently sells parchment paper in sheets sized to fit a half-sheet pan. I just never go into GFS as my family is pretty small.

      2. I've used that stuff and it's perfectly good parchment paper. But I don't find it any better than any other brand I've used. Howard, what exactly makes it the best?