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Apr 30, 2010 10:11 AM

June Baby Shower in Northern Virginia- party of 25

Looking for recommendation in Northern Virginia for my sisters' baby shower brunch. Targeting anywhere in Northern Virginia (guests are traveling a variety of distances). Hoping for what everyone wants:
- bright, airy, sunny restaurant, or patio
- private, intimate room or ability to host event before restaurant opens for dinner
- $25ish per person
Help! I need to send out invitations in the next week or two. Thanks!!

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  1. Well in that price range I am not too sure....

    What you seem to be looking for might be possible found at Eventide, Passionfish, 2941 or Trummer's on Main. But I don't know that your budget will work for those places.

    You might try Tallula, although their back room doesn't tend to be airy and light, but the food is very good. Maybe someone else has more suggestions. Maybe a winery that does catering? Or perhaps Aurlie House?

    1. Check out Savios's in Alexandria. It will fit nicely in your budget and the Chef/ Owner Is wonderful and VERY accomodating. Below is a link to thier website. They hold many parties on that platform in the picture you will see on the home page. It's a rather private little enclave.

      The food is Italian and the Chef/Owner has unbelieveable specials every day and the best Tirimisu ever. He is VERY discerning with his fresh ingredients. For instance, he keeps a lot of fish on the menu because people LOVE how nicely he prepares it. He is SO particular. First, he only buys whole fish so he can be sure of the quality. If his supplier brings a fish that is not to his standard, he will turn it away rather than doctor it up to serve it.

      It's a neighborhood type place. But, the food and service are excellent. We go there probably once a week and we've been going for a long time. Now, I just ask him to bring me whatever he feels like making. He surprises me and I am always thrilled with hit. Last week, he brought me grilled calamari with a light spinach cream sauce. A spinach straberry salad 9that was out of this world) and Lobster with a spicy saffron tomato cream sauce.

      I am confident they will do a great job for you. Everytime I take guests there, they are delighted. I took my book club organizer there for lunch last week, she was so excited about it that we are hosting our book club ladies there in May. We are choosing to just give him a budget and bring us a multi-course meal, family style.

      This is the link to the new Facebook fan site.!/p...

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