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Apr 30, 2010 09:48 AM

Hear that Point Loma Seafoods is building a new restaurant..

The Southwest Yacht Club just opened their gorgeous new Clubhouse and the temporary clubhouse was just bought by PLS and from what I heard is that the Port of SD, when negotiating their new lease wants a bigger, new restaurant.
I hear that PLS are going next door at the Marine yard while they rebuild.
What a nightmare this is going to be for the next couple of years!
Anyone else have any info?

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  1. It sounds very similar to what happened at Bali Hai. It looks like the Port wants all new buildings on Shelter Island. Where exactly will PLS move to during the reno and when is it scheduled for? Also, I heard that they are opening up an annex next to the new North Sails building (also a casualty of the Ports demands) in Liberty Station over by Ace Hardware. I wonder if someone is just getting their info mixed up.

    Bali Hai Restaurant
    2230 Shelter Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92106

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      Isn't Kettenburg Marine shipyard next door to PLS?
      Hear that is where they are moving the temp clubhouse which is about 4-5,000 sf.
      The Port are tough cookies when it comes to lease negotiating.
      I did hear that is what happened at the Bali Hai..can't wait to head up there and see the remodel..heard that they have an outside patio upstairs overlooking downtown skyline.
      I would love a mai tai right about now!

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        argh wish I wasn't reading this at work, would love a Mai Tai!

    2. I hope they don't 'Jump the Shark' with this move. The place has a lot of character.

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        maybe with the new building, they'll have a 'sea gull' shield...the sea gulls at PLS have to be the most aggressive, I have ever seen..can't say I blame them on wanting a piece of my scallop sandwich!

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          Hey Gertrude's a little hungry and knows a good thing when she flys by!

      2. I worked at PLSF the last time they remodeled - 30 years ago??? They set up the kitchen in a rented trailer --like the ones you see at the fair. The trailer was alongside the fish market and they worked around the remodeling and did not have to relocate off site. I have to say, it was awful working in that trailer!!!! Here's a link to the latest on the anticipated renovations: