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Apr 30, 2010 09:43 AM

Checchino dal 1887 or Il Convivio

I have posted before about finding the perfect restaurant for our 25th Anniversary on June 1st in Rome. After doing tons of research, we are now trying to decide between Checchino dal 1887 or Il Convivio. I realize they are very different types of restaurants, both both appeal to us for different reasons. For those of you that have been to both recently, which would you suggest for the most special dining experience? Il Convivio is closer to the apartment we are renting, but we are very open to taking a cab, if need be. We will be dining with our 2 adult children.

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  1. I hope somebody answers but it seems like the question of what is "most special" is a very personal one - do you need glitz, intimacy, creativity, tastiest food, warm atmosphere - what for YOU would make a place the most special?

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      warm atmosphere-yes
      authentic Roman food-yes

      I think this points to Checchino? :)

    2. I haven't been to Il Convivio recently; in fact. I've never been.

      It seems to me that Checchino better fits what you originally said you wanted: "a non touristy, authentic Roman restaurant, with a warm atmosphere." You also said, "a place where they might appreciate it is a special milestone for us." One poster reported that - of all the places where he had reserved, including Il Convivio, and stated that it was his honeymoon - only Checchino had taken note of the fact and made them a complimentary offering.

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        Along the same lines it strikes me now that Checchino in part of the "buon ricordo" association of restaurants, which means that if one of your orders the signature menu, you will receive a plaque/plate to carry home as a momento of the meal.

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          Thanks for the info. Ristorante Cacciani looks wonderful, too. Oh my goodness. The more I look, the more I get confused :)

          Does one need to join the "buon ricordo" for receive the plate? I would be interested in doing so if need be.

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            no - you just go to the restaurant and order their special dish or menu (I forget which) Weve never done this in a buon ricordo place because we never happened to want the particular dish. It would be a cute, not so serious, memento. congrats on the milestone!

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              At Checchino the dish is involtini, beef rolls cooked in tomato sauce. They come with roast potatoes and chicory. Since my husband loves involtini, we have quite a few plates, not to mention a great many others from our travels. I finally used them the other night at a dinner party. They livened up the table and were a great conversation piece. Some restaurants have a Buon Ricordo menu nowadays, but it always used to be just one dish.

      2. Tough call. I love both places, yet if I myself had to make the call, and if I couldn't eat at both during my stay in Rome, then I myself would sup at Il Convivio. But because you will have children -- and because children as a rule really don't have developed taste buds -- and because Il Convivio is more expensive (at least in my experience), then with children maybe Checchino is better.

        Another consideration: Both places have an outstanding selection of wine, and at Il Convivio the wine steward, who speaks fine English, really knows 1) his wine, 2) the wine that goes with the meal, and 3) the meal that goes with the wine. But I assume your children don't drink alcohol.

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        1. re: Sid Cundiff

          OP said: "We will be dining with our 2 adult children"

        2. I have not tried Il Convivio, but we ate at Checchino in September and loved it. Very warm and inviting, and truly authentic Roman cuisine. I would go back in a heartbeat.