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Apr 30, 2010 09:06 AM

Amazing New Product at McEwans at the shops of Don Mills

I have recently discovered these amazing treats...flatbreads in a variety of flavours and I just can't get enough of them. They have lots of flavours and I haven't tasted them all but so far the chocolate sea salt, parmesan and chili mango are my three personal favourites. Last time I was there, the parmesan had sold out but I understand that they are back on the shelves now. I have been told that there are new flavours coming out this weekend and lots of free samples will be handed out on Saturday and Sunday. They are a great little snack or can be part of a fabulous cheese platter with some nice wine....especially sitting outside in the backyard enjoying this fabulous weather! I will definitely be by there this weekend to get some more and try some new flavours!

75 The Donway W, Toronto, ON M3C, CA

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  1. How much for how much? McEwan's not exactly "value central."

    1. I too got that and ate them with their 'Duck rillette with foie gras' ! Yum!!

      1. Is this something that they make or a packaged product? Just wondering what I should be looking for and if it might be available elsewhere.

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          Bought for me by my daughter. Thick slice vacuum packed. Available in deli section next to the dessert/cakes section