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Apr 30, 2010 08:51 AM

Where do I go for ice cream in Woburn?

Maybe I'm just a bit spoiled having grown up in Wakefield, where Cravings or Meletharb's were always a 2 minute drive down the street from my house but I find it strange that it's been difficult to find a good ice cream parlor in Woburn.
I recently moved to Woburn (near the 7/11 on Main) and I've been scoping out the good eateries in the area. The one thing I've found a mysterious lack of is a good local ice cream shop. Is it common for a downtown Main St to be lacking ice cream? I've been going to 7/11 for pints of Ben & Jerry's to hold me over, but please! I'm an ice cream addict and I need my fix...

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  1. Nanabette's
    156 Main St
    Woburn, MA 01801
    (781) 935-0205

    1. Go to Breaker's on Winn Street...they carry every selection of Richardson's Ice Cream, as well as Richie's the same building as a good roast beef take out place called Kravings Etc., it is directly across from a gas station. that is the Woburn resident's go-to, as you will notice by the outrageously long lines. There is another ice cream shop up in North Woburn on Main Street called Mr. Charlie's...they are open seasonally. I have never been, so I am unsure of what their ice cream is like. On the opposite side of Woburn, in the South En, also on Main Street is a small shop called Nanabette's. It is across from the Walgreen's. They do soft serve mostly, and also have hot dogs and smoothies ...finally, if you are feeling fancy, you can head over to the Woburn Whole Foods, where they have a pretty decent gelato bar with quite a few unique flavors. IMO, Breaker's on Winn Street is the best bet...good luck!

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      1. Forgot about this one (I have not been yet)
        Mr Charlie Ice Cream Parlor‎
        891 Main Street, Woburn, MA 01801-1803
        (339) 227-6886‎

          1. Definitely go to Breaker's on Winn Street. It is a local institution and the ice cream is awesome! EVERYONE goes there. The other places in town just cannot compare. Trust me.