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Apr 30, 2010 08:21 AM

Making Salsa Fresca- Peel the Tomatoes?

I'm looking at a few salsa fresca recipes and some call for peeling the tomatoes first. Not particularly swayed either way, but wondering what some opinions are pro or con.


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  1. Yes, peel 'em.
    Some of the most celebrated professionals don't peel their tomatoes for salsa fresca but, IMO, they have little or no class.

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    1. re: todao

      I used to, but gave up on it. I think it depends on the tomatoes. When I use garden fresh tomatoes, the skins seem very tender and are fine in salsa. But supermarket tomatoes are a different story.

      1. Not Peeling:
        Pro - it will help with the structural integrity if you are dicing the tomatoes.
        Con - harder to chew correctly if your back teeth are missing

        Pro - smoother if you are also peeling the skin off of your peppers
        Con - time and effort aren't really worth it (IMO)

        I wouldn't peel anything, and since I keep my blades ultra sharp, I'd pulse each ingred in a food proc. The effort to peel just isn't worth it in my eyes. I'm sure some / perhaps more than some will disagree. Just my preference.

        1. Don't peel, IMHO. Adds a bit of rustic to the salsa fresca. It's part of the vegetable that is consumed in this case. Just enjoy!

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          1. re: Mst917198

            Tritto on the no-peel, for the reasons listed in the other posts.

          2. Peeling makes a nicer texture, but is a fair bit of work. I peel if I'm doing it for a party, but don't if I'm making something quick for dinner.

            I do save the seeds and peels when I do it, though, and toss them in the freezer for addition to soups.

            1. Nah, don't peel. I peel when I'm doing something cooked like a pasta sauce; in that case, the slow-cooked skins curl up, get tough and stick in the teeth. In a fresh salsa cruda which is eaten mere hours after you make it, peeling serves little purpose.

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              1. re: RealMenJulienne

                I's like slicing tomatoes for a salad or a sandwich. I don't peel.