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Apr 30, 2010 07:28 AM

Lone Star Park

Anyone ever go out to Lone Star Park? And if so is there anywhere good to eat around there?

I go out a couple times a year and always just eat at the Park (never ate in the Silks Dining upstairs) but the food is pretty average. Just wondered if you knew of anything in the area that's pretty good to hit on the way to the track.

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  1. I've always been mystified that there aren't an array of eateries in the area - particularly with the addition of the other venues nearby. I guess the off-season doesn't have enough viable traffic for them to be profitable.

    Certainly not something I'd base a recommendation on, but quite a few years ago, I heard that the Silks presented very some nice menu options.

    1. I've been to the track many times and I can't think of any places between west Dallas and the track that I could recommend.

      I'll be there on Saturday sitting in the Silks area (thank you Andrews Distributing) for Kentucky Derby day. I can assure you that the AYCE buffet will be getting a workout by a lot of people who go on derby day but are really not horse fans so they turn to food and drink for their entertainment.

      1. We were there for Kentucky Derby and had the Silks Dining buffet. It was surprisingly good. There were lots of salad, entree, and dessert options and everything I ate was well seasoned and flavorful. I don't experience that too often with buffet food. Stick with beer or wine though because the mixed drinks were weak.