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Apr 30, 2010 06:25 AM

Pizza Throwdown, Need Suggestions!

Ok so my boyfriend & I are going to be part of a pizza throwdown against his brothers and their gf/wives. It's fairly simple you can make any kind of pizza but everything has to be from scratch. Ugh I dread making dough!!! We were thinking of making a steak & potato pizza but I'm not sure what type of sauce to make. I was thinking either a ranch or garlic sauce or maybe the sauce used on white pizza. Also I can't decide what type of cheeses would be best. Please help! lol

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  1. Pizza success is in the crust, not the topping.
    Here, IMO, is one of the better formulas (Peter Reinhart):
    If you're interested in some personal feedback on pizza making, try this site:
    Just remember to crank that oven up as high as you can get it. You probably won't have an oven that'll hit the 800 degree mark but, with a good baking stone or similar heat holding source, you can still get very good results.

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      I agree about Reinhart's pizza recipe, especially if you let it sit for a couple of days. And, the thinner you stretch it, the better. Pizza is all about the crust to me--a good pizza could be just crust, olive oil and garlic.

      If you want a thicker pizza and don't want to deal w/ pizza stone, Reinhart has a focaccia recipe which makes an excellent thick crust pizza, baked on a baking sheet or large cake pan. The herbed olive oil makes it.

      When you come down to it, "best" is so subjective and it depends on the crowd. I once used puff pastry, steak, caramelized onions, and cheese and made a cheese steak pizza that everyone raved about. I thought it was okay, maybe, but nothing compared to using a good crust.

    2. I liked the crust from Cook's Illusrated's deep dish pizza. It wasn't very hard to make and didn't require too much rising or kneading. That recipe also does not require a pizza stone.

      1. I would omit the potato, and do a blue cheese with the steak with carmelized onions and a white garlic sauce base.

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          Just thought of something else. You could add some marinated sundried tomatoes (Trader Joe's Julieened).