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Apr 30, 2010 06:13 AM

Best Supermarkets in Asheville?

I know that the Ingles off the I-26 near Weaverville was ok last time I was there (if I can find it again). I can't remember the difference between Earth Fare at Westgate Parkway and Fresh Market on the 25 except that I preferred one of them!
I don't care too much about fresh vegetables, before anyone asks.
(And what's the Farmer's Market like nowadays?}

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  1. IMO, Earth Fare is a much better store than Fresh Market. I tend to prefer Greenlife to either, however.

    I'm headed to the City Market tomorrow morning (Sat) for the first time this year, I'll let you know. It's foodie heaven. But unless it's changed a lot, you don't want to waste your time at the regular farmer's market on Brevard rd.

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    1. re: danna

      And if you're looking for a standard grocery store, Harris Teeter is my preference.

      1. re: JKidd

        HT actually has the best organic peanut butter I've ever had - their own house brand!

    2. Nobody beats Fresh Market
      It is Whole Foods at a discount
      in north asheville

      Fresh Market
      4223 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC

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        Wow. I think just the opposite. I'd say Fresh Market is more like Publix with a big mark up for having prettier display units and nicer lighting. I don't find them to be one bit less expensive than Whole Foods.

        BUT....I've only shopped at the ones in Greenville, Spartanburg and Hendersonville...maybe the one in North Asheville is different.

        Fresh Market
        4223 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC

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          Thats a first...praising FM for its pricing! As Danna said, wow. I also don't see FM and WF as comparable...I think they appeal to a very different demographic. Plus, I don't think there is a WF in Asheville.

          1. re: johnnya

            FM is nothing like Whole Foods, IMO. Not sure I'd say it is like a Publix either - I'm not sure you could shop there for anything and everything you'd need like at a regular grocery store. FM is a specialty market with no big focus on organic, local, etc. (although you can find plenty of organic options there). I love FM for some things (some seafood, wine, coffee, desserts, unique gourmet products like sauces, olive oils, etc). Earth Fare is comparable to Whole Foods in terms of size and product offerings, and Greenlife is excellent as well for organics/local, but is smaller. I prefer Earth Fare in general (prices seem a little lower than Greenlife to me, and their wine and cheese selection is excellent). There is no WF in Asheville.

            As for the Farmer's Market, I don't think the big one is anything special, but the City Market downtown on Saturdays is wonderful!

        2. I will be moving to the Asheville area soon and have started exploring the options. Here in Boone I primarily shop at Harris Teeter and Earth Fare. I like the Harris Teeter own up-scale brand. Whenever I am in Asheville I make a point to visit Greenlife and splurge on many of their deli items. Earlier this week I checked out Amazing Savings and will probably visit on a regular basis..seemed a bit "hit or miss" but, there were many values in organic produce, as well as organic beauty products and packaged foods. They even have a small garden and herb center. I also plan on supporting the food co-ops and farmer's markets.

          As much as I hate to say it (never ever been a big fan of Walmart) can save quite a bit stocking up on paper products and cleaning supplies. They are even offering an expanded organic produce and packaged food selections.

          1. Whole Foods is purchasing the Greenlife on Merrimon.

            I do most of my shopping at Earth Fare and at the North Asheville tailgate market at UNCA.

            Earth Fare
            12235 N Community House Rd, Charlotte, NC