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Apr 30, 2010 04:13 AM

ISO chili dogs in Westchester/Hudson Valley

I made recent visit to both Hubba and Texas Chili in Port Chester, as well as a pit stop at Lubin's in Tarrytown. I'm headed to So Damn Hot in Valhalla next week.
All this dog-eating has me wondering ... where else are there chili dogs to be had in the area? I know there are multiple hot dog threads on this board, but I haven't seen many other Hudson Valley NY places mentioned. Has anyone been to Charcael's in Thornwood -- are they still there? Do they do a chili dog?

(and btw. I liked Hubba; Texas Chili is doing the same thing, but the chili is much spicier, or at least it was the day I was there. Lubin's chili is less greasy and is a little more complex. So many toppings to try at Lubin's I tend to get overwhelmed)

24 N Main St, Port Chester, NY 10573

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  1. So Damn Hot in Valhalla. Excellent chili dogs.

    1. don't know if its still there but Little Spot on 22 in N. White Plains was decent

      Little Spot
      854 N Broadway, White Plains, NY 10603

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      1. re: bonacbub

        It's still there and it is sporting a sign that says soft serve ice cream is back after 27 years.

        Where was it exactly for 27 years???

        1. re: anonymouse1935

          used to be the big spot (puddle) next to little spot til freezer technology improved

      2. Pony Express in Pleasantville

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          The best chili dog anywhere is from a truck on harrison ave near the harrison/mamaroneck border call "chillin 'n grillin." its a a natural casing sabrett that they keep real crisp. on top genuine hubba's chili from port chester and if you take it like me cheese and raw onions.

          1. re: biga290

            biga290, is this truck there on weekends? If it is, I'm not finding it.

            1. re: anonymouse1935

              i do not believe the truck is there on weekends.

            2. re: biga290

              Can you provide the closest intersection where the truck is at? Thanks!

              1. re: pabboy

                the nearest intersections are west street or gleason place. the chillin n grillin truck usually sets up diagonally across harrison avenue from the farm stand.

          2. Have you checked out Might be just what you are seeking, they have "eat and Greets"


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            1. re: bravely

              I'm an active Roadfood fan and those forum threads are really great, but unfortunately focused almost exclusively on upstate -- I'm looking for remnants of chili dog culture in Westchester/Putnam/Rockland counties, primarily, altho' I think a little trip up to Newburgh/Kingston is in order! Thanks!

              1. re: bravely

                Great threads on Roadfood. There are so many independent little hot dog stands in this (southern Dutchess County) area! In fact there is one that I have yet to check out that is very close to where I live, on Smithtown Road in Wappingers Falls, called Poppy's Hot Dogs. I always pass it but just never stop.

              2. The hot dog truck if hes still there of of louisa street by john walsh boulevard has awesome chili dogs and he makes his own chili . also mark on bronx river road on the bronxville border makes a good chili dog