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Apr 30, 2010 04:00 AM

Connecticut to Baltimore stop for lunch?

Travelling from Connecticut to Baltimore on Saturday, need an off highway stop for lunch about 2 hours - 2 1/2 hours south of NYC; I figure that puts us somewhere in southern NJ area...

anyone with thought, we have never travelled thru the area..looking for that great roadside place, awesome sandwich shop, deli etc...

easy on/off would be helpfull...

all ethnic cuisines considered

thanks in advance

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  1. That should get you to about exit 7 on the turnpike. A few choices there. Mine would be Iron Skillet.

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      not meaning to sound foodie instead of chowish but....really? do tell...am i right, my internet search comes up as "truck stop"

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          You are correct that it is at a truck stop, but the food is well worth the stop. No, it's not gourmet, but it is as good as or better than any diner or sub shop you'll find. I'm sure you'll find several threads in ChowHounds that will support that.

          (Ignore the one about the one in Freehold on this board. It's a different place.)

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            ok, sounds like it may be our choice, gotta trust the chow's

      1. Been doing the NJ to MD drive for 20+ years...there really isn't much that's great in between here and there, but assuming that you're going to eat well once in Baltimore (you can!) and depending upon what route you're taking, you could stop at the Skylark Diner on Rt 1 in Edison www.skylarkdiner.com (about an hour south of NYC) or Mastoris in Bordentown www.mastoris.com. Other than that, there's really not all that much other than chains/truck stops!

        And fwiw, I can usually be at the Delaware Mem Bridge in 2-2.5 hours from northern NJ when I get on the Turnpike--if it's moving. So you might either need to eat sooner or stop in DE!

        1. If you get off the tpk at exit 3 and bear left (towards Blackwood) in a mile or so you'll see El Tequila on the right-- one of the better little Mexican places in the area (but don't expect alcohol--despite the name they have no liquor license)

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            Thanks for recommending El Tequila Mexican Restaurant. We went there in the middle of a long drive from New York City to Washington D.C. and had the absolutely perfect Mexican brunch/lunch there, with our two young children. Very fresh ingredients, the place is clean and friendly, and we all were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and the presentation. The lunch for four hungry people came to just $32, and we had some left over that we took to go. A great refreshing stop that was close to the Turnpike right off exit 3, but far from the crowds of the truck stops. A great find.
            El Tequila Mexican Restaurant, 801 North Black Horse Pike, Runnemede, NJ 08078-1035.

          2. If you take the GSP and hit the Turnpike down at exit 11, a far better easy-on/off choice would be the town of Montclair, with a plethora of excellent restaurants and some excellent values for lunch. Exit 148 gets you there, and you can choose from several dozen restos of all types of cuisine.

            Some rec's:

            Cuban Pete's
            Bistro 18
            Chia bistro

            Here's the ultimate list for Monclair eating, all the restaurants are listed on the right side of this blog:


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              As much as I love some of the restaurants in Montclair, I don't think it's far enough south on their ride, and it's not a QUICK off/on unless they're looking for a stop of 1.5+ hours...But if they're interested, then I'd suggest different places (Next Door, Raymond's, Belgiovine's), but that's my opinion. Also note that the Baristanet list tends to be outdated and heavy on advertisers...

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                you might keep in mind that from I95 the Montclair option is a good 40 mile round trip...

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