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Apr 30, 2010 02:52 AM

Jersey Shore Homemade Ice Cream?

I am going to be in Atlantic City next week and am looking for truly great homemade ice cream on the Jersey Shore. I am willing to travel 30 to 45 minutes from Atlantic City. Suggestions?

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  1. This post raises an interesting question. What exactly is the geographic limitation of the "Jersey Shore"? To me, it encompases Monmouth and Ocean Counties. If that is in fact the case, the Jersey Shore is well in excess of the 45 min driving range for the OP. That being said, IMHO the best Jersey Shore ice cream is produced by Hoffman's in Pt. Pleasant Beach, Spring Lake and Little Silver. I'm sure others can chime in on recommendations in the Ocean City area.

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      I have to say that Hoffman's is excellent......I might have to "cheat" and have some this weekend.......

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        Wellllll. Any part of NJ that touches the Atlantic Ocean is "Jersey Shore" So we would have to include alot more. I am sure Cape May would think they are Definately part of NJ Shore as woudl say , Ocean City.

        besides the point I think PPB would meet the mileage, but probably not the idea that said mileage to get to time. Ah summer...
        My normal drive home of 1 hour today took 2 hours, *sigh*

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          agee with another poster on wilson's in long branch, their mud pie ice cream makes an insane milkshake haha. worked a summer at duffer's in wildwood, summer after high school. i used to get there in the early hours before my breakfast shift bussing tables and help the crazy-eyed old guy make ice cream in big spinning machines that looked like they cleaned laundry. he used to pour a half gallon of puerto rican rum in the rum raisin haha. currently enjoy nagles homemade ice cream in ocean grove, and the outsourced but still jersey-made ice cream at day's in ocean grove. still haven't tried hoffman's, going to try it soon. also worth noting, eddie confetti on the asbury boardwalk makes a banana cream pie ice cream on occasion that makes the best milkshake i've ever had

          1. re: longbranchgourmet

            Had never heard of Wilson's; definitely will give them a try next time we're over near Long Branch.

            Re: Ocean Grove - Nagles vs. Day's. This always seemed like Chevrolet vs. Ford. LOL. Both serve good stuff; we really like the low fat chocolate nut fudge brownie yogurt at Nagles (in fact, I stopped and had some last Friday afternoon!) You can also get lunch or dinner at Nagles as well [maybe breakfast too, not sure].

            On the other hand, we also like to get an ice cream cone at Day's after shows at the Ocean Grove Great Auditorium, and have always found their ice cream to be very good too. [What is the deal about 'outsourcing' ? Who makes it for them now ?]

            Only possible solution --- treat yourself to two cones: one at each establishment --- and enjoy summer :-) :-) :-)

            1. re: bakersma

              See my comments below - actually It is Day's who is owned by the Starving Artist people and the ice cream is Double Rainbow which is made in San Francisco.

              1. re: JerzeyShore

                sorry about the misinformation! i'll make up for it, crazee's in rumson is an extremely popular ice cream place on west river road, and they have outsourced but jersey made ice cream, there ya go haha. nice black raspberry

              2. re: bakersma

                I always liked Days just for the fact that everyone goes to Nagles. :D

          2. nowhere I could think of, sorry...
            I live 10 miles west of Atlantic City, and I would love to indulge in "truly great homemade ice cream", but it ain't happening anywhere yet...

            I love Hoffman's in Point Pleasant, as well....that's about an hour and 15 minutes north of Altantic City, if you want to expand your limits...

            Rich's Ice Cream in Toms River has some real good, thick, homemade ice cream ....
            and that about 50 minutes north of AC....

            Rich's Ice Cream
            State Highway 37 King NE, Toms River, NJ 08753

            1. If you're in Northern Monmouth County try Ryan's in Shrewsbury or Wilson's in Long Branch. Where in LS is Hoffman's?

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              1. re: Papa Bing

                It is on 71. (Hoffman's) I always thought it was in Spring Lake.

                I agree...Hoffman's is great, that was what came to my mind right away when I read this post!

                1. re: Papa Bing

                  the one in LS is on Oceanport Ave, right by brave new world... im pretty sure they just opened the location last year

                  1. re: boodie1821

                    oh! Good to know, boodie! I had no idea they opened a new spot! Thanks ! : )

                    1. re: Angelina

                      The store in Little Silver is located at 78 Oceanport Avenue. It's that little plaza which has the "Ye Olde Pie Shop" ---also a good place to go--- at one end.

                      Hoffman's is kind of in the middle lengthwise along a covered walkway from the front of the plaza (street side) to the back (parking lot). Easy to miss if you aren't looking for it & know where it is. It kind of blends in with the scenery otherwise.

                      All those calories [ice cream & bakery] in one convenient location !!! There oughta be a law (but I'm sure glad there's not :-)

                2. I am just not a fan of Hoffman's, I like my ice cream much richer. The best, IMHO, although not near AC is the Beach Plum on Main St. in Bradley Beach. You could make a detour on your way south.

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                    Love the Beach Plum and not crazy expensive compared to many other places.

                    1. re: jsfein

                      My wife really likes the ice cream at Beach Plum, especially for dessert after a nice dinner at Vic's three blocks down the street (how's that for tying 2 ongoing Chowhound threads together ?) We can walk off some of the great tomato pie [whole wheat crust w/mushrooms is our pick] in the process. LOL!

                      Of course, we have been known to drive to Spring Lake or even PPB for Hoffman's ice cream as well --- especially since the Beach Plum is seasonal while Hoffman's is year-round.

                      Can't go wrong with any of 'em.

                  2. The original comment has been removed