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Apr 30, 2010 01:21 AM

L.A. hound searching for low-key, Chow-ish dining in or near Napa Valley

Hello from L.A.!

I am helping a nice couple plan their 3-month dating anniversary celebration. They are both professionals from SoCal, and will be spending 3 nights on a May weekend at The Carneros Inn.

French Laundry is already on their list one night, but what they're looking for on all the other meals are "low-key" but quality eateries. Romantic is a plus. Doesn't have to be low budget, but not "stuffy" dining, either. "Hot tables" (such as Redd?) are out, since they've "had it up to here" with the reservations thing from French Landry.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


The French Laundry
6640 Washington Street, Yountville, CA 94599

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  1. From Carneros, it might be nice to go into the town of Sonoma. La Salette might be a nice choice for good food (Portuguese) and a more warm, low-key atmosphere.

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      Surprised no one mentions La Toque, relocated to Napa. LIke a one or two star Michelin in France, elegant but low key and much more relaxed than FL.

      Nothing wrong with FL, but that's food as an art form, and I think La Toque is more about enjoying food.

      La Toque Restaurant
      1314 McKinstry Street, Napa, CA 94559

    2. Thanks for your responses! I will forward them on...