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Apr 29, 2010 09:48 PM

looking for a good restaurant in galveston to celebrate anniversary.

we will be in galveston on a sunday, and i've notice many of the restaurants are closed on sunday. any suggestions for some that are open?

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  1. Gaido's on the Seawall and Clary's on Teichman Road are nice and open on Sunday.

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    1. re: Cookie Baker

      +1 on Clary's! Outstanding food and service.

      1. re: Cookie Baker

        I live in Galveston (a BOI which means Born on the Island).

        Gaidos and Clary's are excellent if you want wonderful seafood in a casual setting. I have eaten at Gairdos all my life---but you may stand in line for a table in the summer and on weekends in April and May. Clary use to be the head waiter at Gaidos 40 years ago and then opened his place. Both are excellent for seafood.

        The best restraurant in Galveston is Shearn's on the top floor of the Moody Gardens Hotel. Chef Urs produces food on par with the best restraurants in Houston, Dallas, etc. Seafood is outstanding (especialy the Shrimp de Jonge which is to die for). The veal chop is excellent. No ties required but a jacket is preferred (but not required). The prices are comparable to Gaidos (no more than a couple of dollars more at the most for some items) but a far more romantic setting.

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          Sorry, but Gaido's has become a tourist trap, and the long wait just isn't worth it anymore (IMHO). Clary's is the go-to place for great service and special attention on special occasions.

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          1. Rudy's & Paco's Paco's & Rudy's can't ever remember which name comes first, but it
            is first on my list of the best places on the island. My sister and I spend a long weekend
            on the island several times a year and at least one of our meals is always there. Service is excellent; the yucca chips with chimichuri are the best "starter" offered anywhere; and
            the seafood preparations are always done with a dab hand. Check for the specials as
            once we got a veal dish that was extra special. Happy anniversary!

            1. I would avoid Gaido's. Olympia Grill at 21st and Harborside is a lovely place for a celebration. Watch the cruise ships board and victual on Sunday afternoons. The Olympia Grill on Seawall is a casual cafe, but the one on the harbor is elegant. There's a Sunday brunch at the Galvez that pulls out all the stops if you like that sort of thing. The San Luis has nothing to offer. Clary's is a local's hang out. Call ahead to make sure they are open. Hours seem to change since they recently opened following Ike repairs.

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                I second avoiding Gaido's. Our food wasn't even edible... gross, gross, gross. It's very bad when even your kids refuse to eat it.

                1. re: isabel13

                  As of last fall, Gaido's has a new head chef, Casey Gaido, a recent CIA grad. I am interested to see if he can make Gaido's the dining destination it should be.

                  1. re: Lambowner

                    Yep. I'm sure those BOIs at the Pelican Club wouldn't let that kitchen stay second-rate for long.