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Apr 29, 2010 06:12 PM

Help Again Please! - Need good recs for very simple and yummy dinner tmw night

Everyone always provides such wonderful help for all my harebrained I am requesting again!

My bf is coming back after a week away - he's eaten a lot of heavy, fatty, greasy food for one reason or another and after an endless car ride, I'm sure he'll be looking forward to a light but satisfying meal.

I usually cook fairly "light" (fish, chicken - no heavy sauces, cheeses, etc.) though of course that depends on the occasion..

I'm looking for a very simple menu, no beef, either chicken, fish or vegetarian with super simple prep and cook - minimal heat, or bbq would be ok. Preferably no pasta or rice - maybe a nice vegetable type side.

I know this is kind of vague, but if anyone can help that would be great! :)

Thank you!!!!

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  1. Cut up some chicken breasts. Press the pieces in a mixture of rice flour and you choice of herbs, spices. S&P to taste. Brown in some garlic infused olive oil and toss into a bowl of chopped lettuce along with some chopped glazed walnuts, some dried cranberries (or Craisins) and some feta cheese. Your choice of dressing. I like to make a strawberry vinaigrette.
    Serve with a flat bread or a good sourdough.

    1. I might make a simple piece of grilled fish or chicken with a colorful, refreshing fruit salsa to go on top....maybe mango, cilantro and avocado? Or a bright chimichurri sauce would be great as well....

      Alongside, you could have some green beans tossed with toasted sesame seeds, roasted or steamed broccoli, sauteed zucchini or spinach....whatever looks good and green to you!

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        I like both ideas actually...thank you. I have to see if the fish looks good at the store tomorrow and then will take it from there I guess-

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          A really good fruit salsa is pineapple, pomegranate arils, ripe mango, white onion, cilantro, chile pepper, and lime juice.

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          Something that is amazingly refreshing is a grapefruit and avocado salad. It practically makes itself. Just cut out supremes of grapefruit and slice avocados into 1 inch slices. Squeeze excess grapefruit juice onto the avocado to keep from turning brown. Drizzle some good EVOO and sprinkle sea salt on top. You could even toss it with some arugula if you so desire.

        3. How about roast chicken (or just roasted bone-in chicken breast) and roast asparagus with a salad and some fruit on the side?

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            That sounds good - it's just that we've had an overload of roast chicken in the past months, and I promised I would stop making it! lol but thanks :)

          2. When we're feeling the need for a non-greasy, less meat-intensive meal, I always turn to a modified cobb salad. Sliced or chopped romaine lettuce topped with diced hard-boiled eggs, diced tomato, diced avocado, diced crispy bacon, a sprinkle of crumbled blue cheese, and a handful of diced chicken breast (optional). Dress with a simple red-wine vinaigrette or go over the top with blue cheese dressing.

            1. Marinate boneless salmon filets in Asian sesame dressing for 20 minutes, refrigerated. Then grill on an indoor grill (or outdoors grill) for a few minutes per side. Since the marinade speeds the cooking, you don't want to overcook these babies. Then, any veggie goes -- but right about now, asparagus would be ideal. They pair well with salmon. You can roast them, too, but I just simmer them until al dente and serve them up without butter, just seasoning!