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Apr 29, 2010 05:51 PM

Naples Art of Being- a welcome addition!

I've been to Art of Being several times in just the past month, and just keep coming back. I'll be there next with 40 picky diners soon, as they like very good food and wine at their meetings. (They've previously been taken to IM Tapas, Escargot 41, Flemings, Capital Grill, M Waterfront, Roys, Prestons, etc, so you know my/their tastes.)

I like Art of Being because the food is fresh, organic when available, locally sourced delicious and attractively served. That's just for starters! The menu changes every month or so. the new menu is comig out, so no need to talk of the older menu.

The most expensive dish is $10, and that comes with a 2 ounce pour of wine. The deal is, these are beautiful "gourmet" large plates served instead as small plates. You'll not go hungry, one is sufficient for a lighter eater, and two are fine for me, el gordito. Be it seafood, beef, chicken, vegetarian or other, it's served with attention to detail. I like not having to bring home a doggie bag as often needed in the area, because the quantity of food was too much.

like going there on weekends, for live music. You can easily talk to your companions, and "just be" there with your company. I avoid most other Naples spots during season, as I do not care for their noise.

CIA-trained Executive Chef Charles Bartholf and partner Oliver Baumgart created a Zen-like calming attractive setting,.perfect for friends or "date night". Charles is a very talented artist, and made all the fixed artwork and decorated the fabrics. He also has a guest artist post their work each month on the walls. There's a nice bar, and two separate dining areas. The kitchen is open-no secrets here.

It's in the Pavilion Center, just behind Flemings in Naples. That's across from the Mercato.
Ii'll have a write up in a while.

The Art of Being, 8971 Tamiami Trail N., Naples, 431-6755,

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  1. It is sad to write this but, Art of Being has closed after only 3 months of existence.

    A lot of careful thought and planning money went into preparing the spot, however finances and the business plan were not enough to keep it going.
    Even after it closed, a former employee was allegedly caught on camera stealing many bottle of liquor (he had an unauthorized key), and the police found the stash at his home. Sleaze.
    When a restaurant venture fails during the season, some wonder know how likely it will succeed in the future. Former manager Tracy Belford said she optimistic for reopening. Calls/messages for clarification to Chef Charles and his partner/ esoteric healer Bernadette Bloom have gone unanswered.
    I hope Art of Being can be revived, as the concept, music and food are refreshing.