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Apr 29, 2010 05:20 PM

Staten Island restaurants with outdoor tables?

Please help me select a restaurant in Staten Island with outdoor seating for Mother's Day.


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  1. R.H. Tugs near Snug Harbor.

    R.H. Tugs
    1115 Richmond Ter, Staten Island, NY 10310

    1. Try DOSI on Bay St. Good Italian fare and from what I remember, they have a nice deck for outdoor dining and project old school movies onto the brick building next to them. Just ask if they are seating outdoors yet.

      1. IIRC, Ruddy & Dean (Richmond Terrace right near the ferry) have an outdoor deck one level up with a view of the harbor...but I don't know if they will have opened it that early in the season, or if it will be warm enough that day. I imagine it could be windy up there.

        Apparently, also Zest Restaurant, 977 Bay, also has outdoor garden seating. Heard nice things about this place from a neighbor of mine, but have not been there yet.

        Ruddy & Dean
        44 Richmond Ter, Staten Island, NY 10301

        1. salvatore of soho. it will probably be very crowded though.