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Apr 29, 2010 03:16 PM

crazy good italian on west passyunk

has anyone been to giardino's on passyunk & 17thish? i meant to post after my first visit a couple of months ago because it was such a surprise and i couldn't find anything about it online, but forgot until we went there again yesterday. it's relatively inexpensive (like center city sandwich place prices, 8-10 bucks for a full meal) but the food is freaking amazing out of all proportion. it's a plain green awning on a pretty random block, and not open for dinner, and no one was really in there either time when we went for lunch. but it was really, really good. the prosciutto and bread and tomatoes and mozzarella they use in the sandwiches were just super high quality and the platters come with a ton of fluffy, creamy/brothy risotto (yesterday it was asparagus, the first time something else). and the soups we had both times (escarole and then lentil/prosciutto) were amazing.

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