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Apr 29, 2010 03:01 PM

El Pollito Mexicano @ 5th and Sterling - park slope

I noticed this morning that the awning at the Italian restaurant at 5th and Strerling (which I believe was called something like 'Trattoria Mangia') had been replace (seemingly overnight) with a sign that reads "El Pollito Mexicano".

The graphics on the awning look an awful lot like it's another "Los Pollitos" restaurant.

It seems weird that they would be opening another (most likely mediocre) Los Politos restaurant one block away from the existing Los Politos II (and directly next door to Bogota Latin Bistro), but who knows....

Anyone have any info?

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  1. Mediocre would be a great improvement over Mangia. I had my most vile Park Slope meal there some years ago.

    1. Saw this place while walking down 5th ave. last night. It has a very "McDowell's" from Coming to America feel to it being a block over from Los Politos. Similar look and similar menu, but with a larger selection than Los Politos.

      1. i'm happy that i wasn't the only one that noticed this. i actually wasn't entirely convinced that this hadn't been the case for a while and i just didn't notice...
        i'm assuming this is the same crew as the el pollitos down the street...either way, the place was totally full last night

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        1. re: healaeats

          they were closed for what seemed like 48 hours maximum,
          one night the italian restaurant awning came down, and the mexican restaurant awning went up.
          and, the next day, it was a mexican restaurant.

          it almost seems as if maybe the ownership/staff didn't even change?

          1. re: Get In My Belly

            They are the same staff. Oddly enough the owner of the old Italian place and the new Pollito Mexicano is from Ecuador. Would have loved to seen him try something from the home land. Went to an Ecuadorian place in W.Burg (name escapes me) and had an awesome meal

        2. The original comment has been removed