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Apr 29, 2010 02:57 PM

How do you eat sardines?

I just bought some in a tin because apparently they are the best fish to eat. How do I eat them? Straight out of the tin? I am not really a fan of fish but I do try to eat it.

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  1. you must have read the Eating Well magazine article ;)

    yes, many of us do enjoy them straight out of the tin - happens to be one of my favorite snacks. HOWEVER, given that you said you're "not really a fan of fish," i wouldn't recommend this approach for you because sardines are quite fishy. i'd suggest taming them with a sauce or other ingredients to acclimate yourself to the flavor. they pair really well with tomato or mustard sauces...and a generous hit of acid (vinegar or lemon juice depending on the other ingredients) can help offset the pungency and oiliness.

    take a look at these threads to get some idea of the different ways people eat them:

    1. I like them mashed with a fork (like you would canned tuna) and tossed with some good olive oil and lots of lemon juice and fresh chopped parsley.

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        Mels, I usually eat them out of the can but when I want to *get all fancy crazy* I do what you do with slight variation...drain, mash with fork, add some dijon mustard, chopped red onion, lemon juice and put on Hint of Salt Triscuits...LOVE IT!!!

        1. re: Val

          Val, try adding a few chopped fried capers and a pinch of cayenne - *crazy* good. and even better if you have some fresh dill on hand.

          OK, now i'm craving sardines. guess i know what i'm having for dinner! :)

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            Thanks...will try that little fried caper spin very soon!

      2. Straight out of the can...or dumped into a plate.
        A little Louisiana Hot Sauce is good here and there.. as is a good pepper sauce.
        Hoop Cheese, Saltine Crackers, and Vidalia Onions round out the repast....

        1. Drained and mashed on toasted whole wheat bread with slices of avocado and onions and a dash of hot sauce.

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          1. re: Duppie

            Had this for lunch on french. Fantastic! I had some Fl sweet onion from the produce stand.

            1. re: Old E.

              My wife thinks it's gross, but some times I mix it up by putting sliced pickles,cucumbers or a squeeze of ketchup. I know. I know.

          2. on lightly toasted whole wheat bread with a little hot sauce and lemon juice!