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Apr 29, 2010 02:24 PM

Quesada Mexican Grill

Hey Hounds.

So every last Thursday of the month a buddy of mine and I meet and have lunch. Almost always at Moe's at Yonge and Eglinton. Obviously we were both excited to see another burrito place (Quesada) opening up in the same area. That's where we ate today.

First of all, let me say the place on the inside is not at all appealing to me. Bright white tables with lime green plastic chairs and a rather antiseptic feel to it.

Secondly, I wasn't impressed when stepping up to the plate sorta speak. I didn't see any meat offerings that stood out as being a "Can't miss" thing I had to order. Then, whole wheat tortillas. I hate WW tortillas. I thought the rice in a rice cooker was kinda strange too.

So anyway, I ordered the ancho pork with cilantro, lime rice, tomato, lettuce, pinto beans, hot salsa cheese and sour cream. They make it up and grill it. Get to the table, open and take a bite. Pretty unimpressive. No meat in the first couple bites and generally no flavour. I continue to eat and found it to be just plain tasteless for the most part. It kinda tasted like spicy whole wheat. Not much more. The rice had a rather watery taste. The meat had virtually no taste. Nor did the beans.

I had heard good things about this place and do not get it. It's not like I thought "I can see where people like this but it's not my cup of tea." It was just plain terrible. There was nothing to like AFAIC.


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  1. Hope springs eternal...Thanks for this. Heard similar reports of ho-hum, bland food. The WW tortillas are truly scary and probably one of the seven danger signs of impending disappointment in a GTA "Mexican" joint. One day we'll get the real thing. My impression of this sort of place is that they just can't cook. Burrito assembly doesn't exactly require a 2-year certification process--but probably should!

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      I have been to Quesada downtown twice and both times found the food to be tasteless and overcooked. For burritoes, I only do Burrito Boys and Chipotle...both excellent taste and fresh food! Yum!

      1. re: zengirl18

        Less than consensus hereabouts re: BB's "yummy-ness."

      2. re: Kagemusha

        I also find it funny that a burrito place has the word "Mexican" in their title. They also have a sandwich board out front that says "Toronto's Best Mexican Food." Huh??


        1. re: Davwud

          Quesada is the blandest of the bunch of chains I've experienced in TO.

          Moe's is a much better option around the corner. The salsa bar allows full control of making spice adjustments as needed.

      3. Do they ONLY have whole wheat tortillas? Blasphemy!


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        1. re: wontonfm

          I was not offered a choice. I can only assume.


        2. One look at the Quesada on King and Church(?) did not inspire confidence, even though my wife said we should try it. So she went for lunch one day and came back w/ basically the same review. Tasteless, bland and the service wasn't a great experience, although that's more to do w/ the server. I'm glad I stayed away.

          1. I must be the only one who gets excited about WW tortillas. I like the flavour of whole wheat better in anything (excluding pasta--there I'm all about the white flour, but I digress...). Has anyone tried the veg options here? I do think good veg Mexican food and good meat Mexican food often are not found in the same places...

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            1. re: Ediblethoughts

              But they're usually found on the same plate in most homes. Places like this are poor facsimiles of the real deal. Ever see a green corn tamale in any TO "Mexican" resto?

              1. re: Ediblethoughts

                My biggest complaint isn't with the flavour (although I don't care for it) it's with the texture of them. They aren't nearly as pliable and are drier.


                1. re: Davwud

                  I guess I should try it before saying I will love them. In the case of burritos, I definitely prefer the WW but then maybe that is different.

              2. I really like the one downtown at king and yonge. always get the bean burrito and its great.