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Apr 29, 2010 01:55 PM

ISO Great/Local Produce-Manchester NH south to Andover

Hello, fellow Chowhounds. I live in the Andover, Mass. area and commute to Manchester, NH each day for work. I am in search of really good quality fruits and vegetables. Places like Wilson Farms in Litchfield, NH (not yet open for the year) or other places with nice offerings of produce, including local when it is ready. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I will even take good produce from supermarkets, as long as the quality and offerings are good and fresh. Many thanks!

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  1. Do you want to swap jobs? I live in Manchester and work in Billerica! In Manchester we go to the farm stand at the corner of Elm and Webster. Not the greatest, but once local produce kicks in, it's quite good. You might want to check out Saigon Market too. They have amazing Asian produce. A Market is a natural foods supermarket off S. Willow--their produce always is beautiful and expensive. There is a farmer's market in Manchester on Thursdays in the summer--but it doesn't open til June 17.

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      Believe it or not, I find that Stop &Shop on Valley St has a really good produce department. I think it may be because of the high volume of immigrant shoppers. People from other countries seem to eat so much healthier(ie not alot of precessed food) than us Americans. The produce is always fresh with a great variety.

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        Not a chance on swapping commutes! I did the North Shore to Boston thing for too long, and you are in the same spot--going with the traffic! But thanks for your suggestions--I will try all of them. The farmer's market is right outside my place of employment and it is really wonderful Can't wait for June 17th

      2. I too have the same commute, from Lowell/Tewksbury to Manch most days. The ones I like have been mentioned but there is also a farm stand just off Broadway in Salem, exit 1 - behind the old Rockingham Mall (with broadway shoes, etc.). I too used to do the opposite commute and even Concord NH to Natick Ma. - eeeeeek, glad those days are behind me.

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          I'm pretty sure your talking about Pete's Farm Stand in Salem, NH.