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Apr 29, 2010 01:51 PM

Topsfield Area

Anyone know of a decent place to grab some dinner not too far from the Fairgrounds on a Friday night? Was going to drive to the Clambox but was wondering if there was anything a bit closer. 1 Adult & 2 kids, nothing fancy just good quality and I dont really know the area that well.


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  1. Well, from the fairgrounds, it's just a few miles up Route 1 to the Agawam Diner in Rowley, which isn't the greatest food ever in the world, but much of it's decent and the atmosphere is nice and the kids would like it.

    But honestly, the Agawam is at the corner of Route 1 and Highway 133, and if you go east on 133, at that point you're only...what, three or four miles, tops?...from the Clam Box. And this early in the season, the wait at the Clam Box, even on a Friday night, isn't gonna be anything like what it'll be after Memorial Day.

    If it were me, I'd go to the Clam Box.

    Agawam Diner
    166 Newburyport Tpke, Rowley, MA

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      That was my first thought, I just thought I would ask around other hounds that may know the area better than I. Thanks much.

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        Actually the food at the Agawam Diner is pretty good. Their clams are almost as good as what you would get at the Clam Box (they are related) and the kids would love the pies.

        Agawam Diner
        166 Newburyport Tpke, Rowley, MA

      2. I am a fan of Ithaki in Ipswich for really fresh and bright Greek cuisine, but I haven't been in a while. I've always gone dressed casually and with my kids.

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          I heard somewhere that Ithaki was closed for remodeling. I'd 3rd the Clam Box then go to White Farms, you'll pass it going to Clam Box, for some great ice cream.

        2. Agawam diner is a great call. If you go in the other direction towards Danvers theres a place called The 466 right on Route 1 before you get to 95. Nice clean little sports bar. Kid friendly. Great pub food. Here are some Yelp reviews:

          1. The American BBQ in Rowley is a little closer than the Clambox.
            Great for kids and quality BBQ.

            1. Alex's on Main Street in Topsfield center is better than you'd expect for a Greek pizza place. I don't love their pizza but their onion rings are really good, thin, crispy and not frozen. I really like their steak tips and salad, the fish and chips is done well too. I haven't tried their other seafood but everything I have had is fresh and tasty. It is an "order from the counter" sub shop, nothing fancy but the food is good.