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Marcel Vigneron gets his own food show on SyFy

Let the eye-rolling begin:


The premise sounds a lot like that Food Network Beverly Hills show: He and his catering crew have to come up with a menu for some event every episode.

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  1. I guess they feel that you can only show The Twilight Zone only so many times before people want something new. This doesn't look like a good fit.

    1. Can't wait for him to make foamed foam with foam foam foam foam served on foam!

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        Hahahahahahahaahahahahahaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, that was priceless darelleats!

        By name I had no idea who this guy was, so I did a google image search and recognized him instantly! The one or two times I watched Top Chef it was THAT season. God, how I loathed this guy!

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          ROFL!!! Nicely done, darelleats!

          I had not heard that this was happening - I *will* have to watch just it maybe once to see how it goes - but REALLY, Sy-Fy? Marcel as a HOST of a TV show? SERIOUSLY?

          I have to agree with one of the comments at that link, who said:

          Good idea. *Wrong* guy. You know what Top Chef alum I would watch do this? Richard Blais.

          And I laughed out loud at "I'm so happy Wolverine's baby brother got a gig. Perhaps he will reveal genetically implanted retractable chef's knives in his hands. They'd go well with the hair."

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            For the record, I will watch this show and hope it doesn't stink. The foam joke needed to be done though!

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              Gordon Ramsey already has the "F Word" show -- Marcel's just got a different four-letter F word ;-)

            2. not at all sorry I don't get that channel. (rotfl)

                1. Marcel's appearance fits the SyFY (Sci-Fi). Where else would Wolverine fit in?
                  However, I don't think he has the on-screen presence to draw in the viewers.

                  Also, doesn't SyFy, Spike or FX have a "Dinner and a Movie" cooking show already?

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                  1. re: dave_c

                    I'll go one further - he is really only interesting when he is in conflict with people we might actually like (such as Betty) so he can show us the kind of arogant a$$ he really is. Jaw-droppingly bad behavior is only amusing when it is searved in 15 second portions!

                    1. re: StewieBoy

                      Do you think he will rap some more?

                      1. re: JanPrimus

                        Oh Dear God no!
                        Has the word soigne ever been used in a rap before?

                  2. i've yet to find a reason to tune in to the SyFy channel, and this certainly isn't going to change that.

                    re: that Beverly Hills show on FN, i've tried to watch it a couple of times, but i honestly think it has to be staged - the "clients" are all just a bit too ridiculous. for the record, "Chef Brian" was a contestant on Top Chef Season 2...and i found him to be as irritating back then as he is now.

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                      And "Chef Jesse" was one of the annoying trainers on Bravo's "Work Out" series too. There's a reality-show casting corral, which is how some of the same people keep showing up all over the place. These "real" folks have agents and everything else that goes with any other professional performer. The situations are about as staged as they can possibly be.

                    2. Yet another example of a great concept (TV channel dedicated to science fiction and fantasy) gone totally awry. This channel is so NOT about showing anything remotely sci fi these days. The name change to SyFy trumpeted that fact and their showing wrestling at 9pm only adds insult to injury.

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                        I did a bit of research and was unable to find when this would start; anybody know?

                      2. Eeeeewwwwww! There is no way I'll watch this show. I would have shaved his head myself if I'd been around him--and I would have gone through with it. He's such a revolting excuse for a human being. i wonder how people who work with him feel about him. Oh, I can't believe that little worm got his own show!