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Apr 29, 2010 01:30 PM

Marcel Vigneron gets his own food show on SyFy

Let the eye-rolling begin:

The premise sounds a lot like that Food Network Beverly Hills show: He and his catering crew have to come up with a menu for some event every episode.

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  1. I guess they feel that you can only show The Twilight Zone only so many times before people want something new. This doesn't look like a good fit.

    1. Can't wait for him to make foamed foam with foam foam foam foam served on foam!

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      1. re: darelleats

        Hahahahahahahaahahahahahaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, that was priceless darelleats!

        By name I had no idea who this guy was, so I did a google image search and recognized him instantly! The one or two times I watched Top Chef it was THAT season. God, how I loathed this guy!

        1. re: darelleats

          ROFL!!! Nicely done, darelleats!

          I had not heard that this was happening - I *will* have to watch just it maybe once to see how it goes - but REALLY, Sy-Fy? Marcel as a HOST of a TV show? SERIOUSLY?

          I have to agree with one of the comments at that link, who said:

          Good idea. *Wrong* guy. You know what Top Chef alum I would watch do this? Richard Blais.

          And I laughed out loud at "I'm so happy Wolverine's baby brother got a gig. Perhaps he will reveal genetically implanted retractable chef's knives in his hands. They'd go well with the hair."

          1. re: darelleats

            For the record, I will watch this show and hope it doesn't stink. The foam joke needed to be done though!

            1. re: darelleats

              Gordon Ramsey already has the "F Word" show -- Marcel's just got a different four-letter F word ;-)

            2. not at all sorry I don't get that channel. (rotfl)

                1. Marcel's appearance fits the SyFY (Sci-Fi). Where else would Wolverine fit in?
                  However, I don't think he has the on-screen presence to draw in the viewers.

                  Also, doesn't SyFy, Spike or FX have a "Dinner and a Movie" cooking show already?

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                  1. re: dave_c

                    I'll go one further - he is really only interesting when he is in conflict with people we might actually like (such as Betty) so he can show us the kind of arogant a$$ he really is. Jaw-droppingly bad behavior is only amusing when it is searved in 15 second portions!

                    1. re: StewieBoy

                      Do you think he will rap some more?

                      1. re: JanPrimus

                        Oh Dear God no!
                        Has the word soigne ever been used in a rap before?