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Apr 29, 2010 11:52 AM

Bitman's How to Cook Everything is now an iphone app

I've owned Mark Bitman's How to Cook Everything for some time and find it a useful, general bible of techniques. For anyone interested, there's now an iphone app based on the book which includes all the recipes, searchable by keywords, ingredient etc plus an excellent interface with little built in timers sprinkled through the recipe instructions and automatic grocery list creation from the recipes. This app has completely replaced the book for me and costs a measly $1.99.

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  1. (This will be moved by the mods to a different forum on Chowhound - probably "Home Cooking" or some other place).

    I have it and it is great....though I haven't used it extensively. I have some issues with the UI (you switch away from the app and it loses the recipe you are on, you have to search for it again...and it doesn't keep a "most recent" search list., etc.)

    I also have Ruhlman's Ratio as an iPhone app. It's pretty simplistic, but good for things like doughs, etc. You need a scale since every ratio is by weight.