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Apr 29, 2010 11:47 AM

Six Flags New England. THE FOOD STINKS! Any tips or suggestions?

The kids love the amusement park. I "oversee the kids" from the sandy fake beach in the water park (where I can read a book, sip a drink, relax under the fake palms and pretend I'm actually someplace much nicer...) The problem is, the food just really stinks. It's expensive and awful. I tried to bring in fruit for the kids, but they confiscated it like it was napalm or something. Any "insider" suggestions?

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  1. Go to Lake Compounce in least the pizza is better.

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    1. re: triggs73

      Go to White Hut. Memorial Ave West Springfield. About 10 minutes from Six Flags. Fantastic burgers with onions.

      White Hut
      280 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA 01089

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        And the soda is free!

        Unfortunately, 6 Flags is the teen theme park preference right now. They liked Lake Compounce when they were younger.

      2. Get a backpack. Put the food toward the bottom and if they see it, say my kids have a "special diet". Then I put gin or vodka in sippie cups for mixing drinks in the park. If you have to eat there, Fast Eddies near the slingshot is my choice.

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          Great booze trick, gotta remember that on the next no no adventure. The special diet and kid seems like a no brainer too. I like your style!


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            Thanks for this information, I never thought about saying they had a special diet. Vodka in sippie cups-OMG! I can just see myself getting hauled off to jail or something...but that would be nice by the "beach"!

          2. Perhaps the real problem lies in unrealistic expectations - ie, one shouldn't expect haute cuisine at an amusement park.

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              I certainly don't expect "haute cuisine" at ANY amusement park. But if you've even been to 6 Flags, you'll know what I mean by "the food stinks".