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Apr 29, 2010 10:44 AM

Passion Fruit in DFW?

I have been searching for passion fruit (granted, not exhaustively), but haven't been able to find any. Has anyone seen them? Is there a particular season they are available? I recently had some delicious passion fruit ice cream that I want to try making at home...

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  1. pg,

    Give em a few more weeks peak season is June/July. The season starts in late May and ends in early August.

    This link is from LocalHarvest in which you can find some retailers and have them shipped directly from the farm to your door when in season. fruit

    1. they'll probably be at most of the area asian grocers this summer.

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      1. There is passion fruit in north and southern hemispheres so there isn't just one season, CM in Plano had them last month when we went there. Delish!

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        1. re: OCNC

          They are also in the Eastern and Western Hemisphere too!

          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            Seasons happens in the same months in the east and western hemispheres, LewisvilleHounder, but it is in different months in the north and southern hemispheres. that is why you can get passion fruit most of the year.

        2. You can buy Passion fruit puree at most Mexican food markets in the frozen food section and that will work great for ice cream. I use it a lot to make Passion fruit cocktails

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          1. re: Analisas mom

            Do the asian stores also sell passion fruit puree?

            1. re: pgwiz1

              I've never seen it but I've never looked for it either, I don't really look too closely at prepared foods.

              1. re: pgwiz1

                I've seen passion fruit concentrate in Asian stores - it's usually on a bottom shelf because the bottle about 10 inches tall and the body of the bottle is square. It's usually around $3-4; about 16oz. It's mostly sugar; I use it for mimosas.

                Frozen puree (w/o sugar), I've seen in some unexpected places like the Neighborhood Walmart off Lemmon. And Albertson's on NW Hwy at Ferndale. It isn't always in these places, though.

              2. re: Analisas mom

                They didn't have Passion fruit puree at Fiesta, but had the banana passion fruit puree. I went ahead and got it. Reading about it sounds like it's a bit more tart than regular passion fruit, but I can always account for that. It was waaay cheaper than the CM $9 tub of passion fruit. Thanks!

              3. I make passion fruit gelato with a fantastic puree that CM carries in the frozen section. I think it's called Perfect Puree. Great stuff. You can also use any leftover puree for passion fruit curd. I think it's way better than lemon curd.