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Apr 29, 2010 10:02 AM

The new Sandwhich now open for lunch (Chapel Hill, NC)

Just got an email message from them saying they're open for lunch in the new space. Dinner soon. Here are the hours:

New Hours of Operation
Tuesday - Friday 11-4 (dinner will be 5:30-10)
Saturday 11-4 (dinner will be 5:30 - midnight)
Sunday Brunch Coming Soon too -- 11-3
Closed Mondays

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  1. And just where is this fine restaurant. Thanks.

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    1. re: Littleman

      Chapel Hill, North Carolina, at 407 Franklin Street. Phone number is 919 929 2114

      I also received the email about their move. They moved from the Courtyard to a space next to McDonalds on West Franklin. Website is

      1. re: wintersummer

        O thanks! I just peered in, like their dinner menu a lot, seem to be many veg things. Please post when they're serving dinner.

        FYI in approx 3 weeks Vimala's Curryblossom Cafe is to open into the old Sandwhich spot

        1. re: Rory

          I knew I should have checked chowhound before going to lunch today. I'm looking forward to getting up there (and to Vimala's when she opens).

          1. re: brokegradstudent

            this is the place:) also in the old sandwhich courtyard they're working on an Italianish place Incontro which looks like it will specialize in pizzas.

            1. re: Rory

              Just what Franklin St. More pizza options. I hope Vimala's does really well.

              1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                or burrito places! I think Sandwhich will be a great dinner addition.

    2. Where did you find the dinner menu? Email from Sandwhich said dinner menu was posted, but I can't find it. Rory - where did you find it?

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      1. re: wintersummer

        Also, their burger is not listed on the lunch menu. If they've stopped serving it, then I'm dying a little on the inside.

        1. re: Remsleep

          I thought they only did burgers a few days a week as a special. I could be entirely wrong on this.

          1. re: brokegradstudent

            Wintersummer I read it posted on their door!
            there were hors d'oeurves; olives & stuff, salads;, blue cheese & walnut
            Mains were Lamb tagine, NY strip, rotisserie chicken then below, a sandwich & veggy things..
            sorry I'd read the menu would be posted on their website or I would have done a better job of remembering.

            1. re: brokegradstudent

              You're right, but it was definitely on the menu, with the note that it was "Thu-Sat. only."

              1. re: Remsleep

                I went up today and they had the burger as a special. It was as good as before.

                The new space is lovely. A heads up to those going by car: McDonalds apparently owns all the parking spots in the lot between them except for the three immediately in front of Sandwhich. They have, we were told, been towing Sandwhich's customers from all other spots really aggressively.

                1. re: brokegradstudent

                  The towing is standard, which is sad considering how few spaces are used by McDonald's customers at any given time. If I were them I would strike up a deal with my immediate neighbors to lease spots given the value of parking in downtown CH.

        2. Had lunch there yesterday and saw the dinner menu (posted on the door). I agree - it looks great! I can't wait for the mac-and-cheese. Sign said dinner should start next week.

          I think their move has helped business - we ate early and were leaving around 12:15 or so - and the line was about 15 people long!

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          1. re: wintersummer

            Next week, super! I'll be there; thanks for that I have a post mother's day dinner to do;-) it sounds perfect

          2. BEWARE of the McDonalds parking spots. Predatory towing (even if you are a McDonalds customer... best to eat your meal and leave immediately - - don't wander to a nearby shop or two after your meal or your car will be disappeared). $100 cash to get your car back (but you've got to get to the towing lot out in the country on the other side of Carrboro first).

            1. we've been twice. i'm generally not a sandwich person but i love this place! dh loves all sandwiches so it's a good thing for us. we've had the cheeseburger, the chicken breast with pesto and grilled vegetables, and the prosciutto and mozzarella with mint. and the homemade potato chips. i am super picky and would not have gone if dh hadn't insisted on it- but the quality of the ingredients is SO high. i may be delusional but I can't think of another place of any type in chapel hill that has such high quality ingredients. i did get the burger with the lettuce and tomato on it, but with the sauce on the side. a lot of things are made with bacon, which I just avoid and the hamburger sauce did not seem good to me on its own, but I still give it 5 stars. oh I also didn't think the drinks were great, but it really didn't matter.

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              1. re: fara

                fara - I'm 100% in agreement. I know the prices are considered a bit high, but I don't mind paying for great food! Sandwhich consistently delivers - I love it!