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Apr 29, 2010 09:43 AM

Anniversary Lunch & Dinner at ("Better Value") Michelin Stars Restaurants in Paris?

We plan to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary for 5 days in Paris, and plan to dine at least one lunch and one dinner at a 1 -3 Michelin stars rated restaurants. We have narrowed down our choices but still cannot settle with our pick. So Chowers, please kindly advise us for which restaurants from below choices that is preferably good for lunch or dinner, and which that is offering better value without disregarding the ambiance, which I favor classically decor. If possible please kindly arrange the list based-on overall (price, food rating & décor ambiance) preference order. Price advice will be even more helpful!

Our preferences are:
1. Le Meurice
2. L’Espadon
3. Le Cinq
4. Les Ambassadeurs
5. L’Ambroisie
6. Pierre Gagnaire
7. Le Bristol
8. Le Train Bleu

Or any suggestion other than mentioned above, perhaps? Many thanks!

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