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Apr 29, 2010 09:09 AM

Asian- or Vietnamese-Cajun Crawfish?

I have seen a couple of articles (non-local sources) about the Asian/Cajun crawfish boil and it sounds delicious. Anyone have suggestions for where locally this is done and done well?

The articles I have seen are at:

They say this originated with the Vietnamese in Louisiana, but only refers to specific restaurants in Houston, San Diego and Atlanta.

"Within the last decade, Vietnamese immigrants working in the crawfish industry in Louisiana saw how the Cajun culture made crawfish, and they were inspired. They brought incredible Vietnamese flavor combinations and French influences to the basic Cajun style of boiling crawfish and took it to another level entirely."

Thanks for letting me know if you know of a spot locally that does this!

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  1. There use to be a place on Michoud Blvd that we use to get our crawfish from when we lived in New Orleans. Don't know if the place is still open. If it is, I don't know why but I want to say the name of the place is Michoud Seafood. But there use to be a Sal's restaurant on the corner of Chef Menteur Hwy and Read Blvd, they are run by Vietnamese that may do something similar to those in the article.

    Will have to ask my friend and get back to you on it. Most places that I remember, usually you just do takeout instead of dine in.

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      Yeah you're right. You'll be hard pressed to find a place like this where you can dine in. I think Michoud Seafood is still up and running but on another street, I think maybe Reed Blvd or Bullard. You can try Cajun Seafood on North Claiborne, down past Bienville.

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        1. Okay, the season is here and I'm back on the hunt. I met a Vietnamese guy in a bar one night and he said some place on Manhattan Blvd in Harvey. Anybody know what he was referring to? Anyone ever had these? Know where to get them? I *will* find them this year, if I have to learn how to speak Vietnamese!

          Xin vui lòng chia sẻ con tôm của bạn với tôi!
          [thank you, google translate]

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            That would be Manhattan Seafood on Manhattan Blvd. Also, check out Berhman Cajun Seafood.

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                please keep us posted....i'll do the same.

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                Got as far as Manhattan Seafood, but the gentleman at the counter said his boils are standard boils: 8 different spices and standard ingredients (potatoes, sausage, etc).

            1. Does anyone have a recipe for this vietnamese-cajun boil?