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Apr 29, 2010 08:39 AM

L'Enclume, the next El Bulli? - Lake District

Would love to hear your thoughts about this place. I just saw it in

"....Meals at L'Enclume come as a set menu of eight or 13 courses. Having traveled all that way, you aren't going to settle for eight, so it's got to be the latter (which actually comes to 15 courses, if you count amuse-bouche and cheese). You'll need about $115 (before wine) and at least four hours. Palate teasers like duck-fat lollipops and Cumberland creamed duck livers merely hint at the brilliance resoundingly confirmed in a starter like "Grown up yolk from the golden egg." What seems like a perfect yolk turns out to be an orb of concentrated chicken stock, dipped in jellified vegetable broth and golden leaves: a golden, delicious, tiny planet. There then follows a blizzard of more witty deception. "

I still would love to try the fat duck, but this seems like another option as well.

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  1. I'd suggest it vies with Fraiche as being the most inventive restaurant in the north west. Rogan is very much into taste blobs. Personally, I enjoy Fraiche more. Both Michelin 1 star places, of course.

    My comments on a meal in January 2009:

    1. What's with all these ducks? We stayed down the road from The Drunken Duck last week... another Lake District favourite. Are you heading in that direction?

      1. I`m a regular as its only an hours drive from my home....fantastic , ive got one of the worlds finest restaurants almost on my doorstep.
        I went there for lunch last week so heres the link to my photos and you can see for yourselves just how good it looks.
        11 courses for midweek lunch , Now that i could do every week.

        Click the link to see the whole lunch.

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          Wasn't Simon saying he'd be sourcing everything from his farm by now? Clearly he isnt yet from the photo descriptions - any idea how much progress he's making towards the goal?

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            Im curious what is the vegetable with purple inside on picture with "Hot broth and veggies"?
            Your pictures are great

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              sped98 - great photos

              i'm living and working in whitehaven at the moment...

              can you recommend any great places to eat in the lakes - im willing to drive!!!

              1. re: feelinfoodie

                Drunken Duck @ Ambleside
                Lucy's @ Ambleside
                Linthwaite House @ Bowness
                Rogan & Co @ Cartmel
                Punch Bowl @ Crosthwaite
                Jumble Room @ Grasmere
                Queens Head @ Troutbeck
                Sharrow Bay @ Ullswater (Michelin)
                Bay Horse @ Ulverston
                Gilpin Lodge @ Windermere
                Holbeck Ghyll @ Windermere (Michelin)
                Jerichos @ Windermere
                Samling @ Windermere (Michelin)
                Brown Horse @ Winster

                And I'm told Miller Howe at Windermere is now back on its game and up to John Tovey's old standards

                The Glass House @ Ambleside featured in an early Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares - but was never that bad and is better now.

                And, although not "great", the First Floor Cafe at Lakeland Ltd @ Windermere is much better than you'd expect if you're in the area doing a bit of kitchen gadget shopping. And there's a Booth's supermarket next door which should have a goodly supply of local produce.