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Apr 29, 2010 08:30 AM

dinner tonight Baltimore, points south, on or off of 95/495?

I am running an errand from Dulles to Baltimore and back this evening with a colleague, and we would like to get an inexpensive dinner while there without going much out of our way from I-95. He is Moslem, so no pork. I prefer anything delicious and cheap. So, what's good, and easy to find? I do have Google maps on my phone so if deliciousness requires we can stray from the highway but I would rather keep it simple, directionswise. We expect to get to Baltimore around six, and hope to eat soon afterward.

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  1. In Baltimore, try SAMOS ( )Greek with plenty to offer.
    600 South Oldham St. Balt MD 21234.
    After exiting the Ft McHenry Tunnel(I-95 North) make a left at the botoom of the ramp, after the second light make a right and go about 1/2 mile they will be on your left.
    Caveats BYOB and they only take cash.

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      Victoria Gastropub in columbia is easily accessable from I-95 and has great food