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Apr 28, 2010 09:30 AM

Eating in the Berkshires

This recent post on Huffpo has an interesting take on Berkshire eating:

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  1. After reading the article I sincerely doubt this individual truly experienced the Berkshires. It sounds to me that all he did was go to Walmart and Home Depot and stayed up at Berkshire Crossings and Allendale.

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    1. re: Lenox637

      I agree. The byline says the blogger is a writer for Conan O'Brien. If this column is representative of his writing, I guess I won't need to bother watching Conan when he makes his return to TV on cable soon. I would guess the writer never tried to eat at Brix, Old Mill, Inn on the Green, John Andrews or Chez Nous. It's just easier to be an arrogant wiseass New Yorker who is too lazy to actually do the research on fine dining in the Berkshires.

      Old Mill
      RR 23, South Egremont, MA 01258

      John Andrew's Restaurant
      RR 23, North Egremont, MA 01252

      Chez Nous
      150 Main St, Lee, MA 01238

    2. Having had many great meals in the Berkshires, I can say with conviction that his writer is an idiot and entirely unfunny to boot.

      1. Ignorant article. Plenty of great restaurants in the Berkshires -- see chowmensch's post. Also Viva and Once Upon a Table in Stockbridge, and Xicotencatl, Bizen and Great Barrington Brewery in Great Barrington, just to add a few.

        1. I've never been to the Berkshires but I'm of the opinion that if you're open minded and don't mind getting out of your comfort zone there is good food to be had almost everywhere.

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          1. I've spent a couple of decades hanging out in the Berkshires and actually checking out its food, not to mention observing its people, so here's my take on this Guy's article:

            Uninformed? Probably. Uninformative? Definitely. Funny? Not.

            Oh well, yet another reason to feel sorry for Conan O'Brien.