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Apr 29, 2010 08:27 AM

Is 1.5 hour enough time for dinner at Sushi Yasuda

DH and I will be celebrating our anniversary and he wanted to go to Sushi Yasuda. I got reservation at the sushi bar for 6pm but was told canonly have it if we are done by 7:30pm. Is that enough time? If we sat at a table instead, would we be missing much? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Sushi Yasuda
204 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017

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  1. That's common at Yasuda. It's a rushed meal at the bar. One of the things I don't like about it.

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    1. re: gutsofsteel

      LOL-He can have you out of there in a lot less time than a hour and half. He will put all of your food in front of you in the first 10 minutes.

      1. re: sushiman

        Exactly! At least the other chefs there aren't quite as bad.

        1. re: sushiman

          I disagree and I actually want to be rushed. I want to get out of there quickly but I never can manage to get out in under an hour. He knows I like to eat quickly but he also has other orders to fill. There's 5 or 6 other people in front of him and he also does orders for tables so it's not like he's really able to concentrate on rushing people out like you guys seem to suggest.

          1. re: SomeRandomIdiot

            I can't speak for other people, but for me, I am not interested in shoving pieces of sushi in my mouth at high speeds. I want to savor my sushi and enjoy each piece and the distinct flavors and textures. But actually Yasuda is perfect if you want to shovel food in your mouth and run out the door.

            1. re: gutsofsteel

              and I disagree. My point is I want to shovel food in my mouth and run out the door and I CAN'T so if he was rushing everyone out like you're saying then I shouldn't have any problems shoveling and running right?

              1. re: SomeRandomIdiot

                I consider 90 mins for a sushi omakase meal a shoveling and running timeframe. And to want to do it in 60 mins....yikes. In my opinion, that is missing the entire point. But to each his own.

      2. 90 minutes is just right. I wouldn't trade the bar for a table.

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        1. re: steve h.

          Totally agree. Do NOT sit at the table -- not the same experience at all. And no, he won't put all the pieces in front of you in 10 minutes. It's not exactly a long, leisurely meal (a la tasting menus at four-star French restaurants) but I've never felt I was rushed either.

          1. re: uwsister

            90 minutes is more like a guideline. Chatting with Yasuda can be entertaining.

            Having said that, the fish and the rice haunts me. I suspect I'll be back next month.

            1. re: steve h.

              I've been cut off at 90 minutes before. Good thing too, as I was dining with a friend with a notoriously capacious appetite, and we'd done $400 of damage between the two of us in that time.

              I like chatting with Yasuda too.

                1. re: steve h.

                  DH have a big appetite so maybe the time limit might be good for