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Apr 29, 2010 08:07 AM

ISO - Best hash browns in Toronto

OK, there is nothing more disappointing than going out for breakfast/brunch and when your plate comes it has these horribly over/under done, over-under seasoned cubed potatoes on the side of your plate, almost as an afterthought. I have been searching Toronto for decent hash browns and can’t find any. I love a grated potato, almost rosti, version of them but I’ve had no such luck. Suggestions?

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  1. Not crunchy, but I was at Aunties and Uncles on Saturday and was blown away by their take on hash browns. It was potato with sweet potato or carrot and rosemary. Very earthy and delicious! Le Petit Dejeuner on King serves a Rosti with their brunch, but in very small portions.

    Le Petit Dejeuner
    191 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1J5, CA

    Aunties and Uncles
    74 Lippincott St, Toronto, ON M5S2P1, CA

    1. IIRC, Mitzi's potatoes are like that. Or am I confusing them with somewhere else...

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        Mitzi's doesn't do a rosti-type potato, but their potatoes ARE excellent. The seasoning is wonderful and the onions are so perfectly cooked.

      2. I have two recs

        1.May get some flack for this but Richtree/Marche restaurant in the BCE fits your bill. Perfect Rosti ever time with sausage perfect eggs. The breakfasts are suprisingly reasonable too.

        2. Yasi's Place makes a wonderful home fry. It's a special seasoning blend that I can't put my finger on. I've tried to replicate it without luck. It tastes like there's cumin or curry or something like that but so flavorful and unique.

        Yasi's Place
        299 Wallace Ave, Toronto, ON M6P3N2, CA

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          i hope you don't get flack for the richtree/marche pick, i think it's absolutely the best thing they have and that it's quite good. tender and not rawish but still has a good texture from the large shred size and a well browned crisp exterior. it's not absolutely perfect for me (could use more salt) but it is consistent and good and so the standard i mark others by. if they can make it well i don't see why other places can't!

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            No flack from me about Marche/Richtree/Marche. I actually think they do them better than anywhere else...just not crazy about the other breakfast options there.

          2. I really like the hash browns at Musa. They come rosemary or cajun flavoured and have improved since the time I went earlier this year.

            Mitzi's on college has nice cajun / spiced potatoes too.

            I'm with you though. I prefer my poatoes as crispy as possible, however it seems that most places sautee their potatoes and it's just not possible to get them really crispy without a griddle or fry pan.

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              I agree, hard to find good hash browns. It's been a while, but I do remember the Rosti at marche being very yummy. I enjoy both a shredded potato hashbrown with nice crispy edges or big chunky homefries sauteed with peppers and onions. The most amazing crispy shredded potato hashrbown I ever had was at Morton's steakhouse. Obviously not a breakfast place, but man, soooooooo good.

            2. they're not hash, but home fries are awesome at shanghai cowgirl over on queen. crispy and seasoned to perfection!