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Apr 29, 2010 07:50 AM

Birthday cake

Looking for ideas on where to get my son's first birthday cake. One small one for him and one large and yummy one for family. What's your favorite bakery in Northern Virginia? Thanks so much!!!

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  1. I got a wonderful birthday cake from Pastries by Randolph a few years ago. It was fantastic, but not cheap. As far a supermarket cakes go, Wegman's are very good.

    1. Either Randolph or Heidelberg. What I like about Pastries by Randolph is they have lots of small cakes (although some may be a little gourmet) that are smaller versions of their bigger cakes. They also have cute cupcakes too.

      There is also Bakeshop VA in Clarendon. They have delicious cupcakes and can make a full cake too. I love how moist their cakes are, but how light the frosting is.

      1. I don't like any of the options I've tried, which is almost all of them. So far the most success I've had is a tiramisu from Pastry Xpo in Merrifield. They have individual portions of many of their cakes.

        Pastry Xpo
        8190 Strawberry Ln, Falls Church, VA 22042

        1. I asked the same question last year, and I ended up at Pastries by Randolph in Arlington. The whole group was very happy with the cake, and I would buy from them again.

          1. I second Bakeshop in Clarendon. Their cakes are light as air. So good!

            They are next door to Artisan Confections. Maybe some yummy chocolate for the grownups?

            1025 N Fillmore St, Clarendon - Courthouse, VA 22201